fashion marketing schools.. help

<p>i want to study fashion marketing.. but i dont know which are the best schools.. could you please help me
im considering the design and managment program in parsons and the program at FIT and FIDM but i need a backup school</p>

<p>SUNY Oneonta has a joint program with FIT. Both colleges are part of the State U of NY (SUNY). Fashion Design is often listed in the Human Ecology Dept. of the school. It's confusing (don't ask) but many large State U's do have a Dept of Human Ecology. I believe U of Delaware also has has a similar Dept. Virginia Commonwealth U (VCU) may also have a program in fashion merchandise.</p>

<p>Just re-checked VCU- Yes they do have a fashion merchandise and design program.
It's an urban campus right in the heart of Richmond Va. I liked the campus when I toured it with my d. My d wanted more of a real campus feel. But VCU has a wonderful reputation in the arts. Good luck.</p>