Fashion merchandising/design and journalism

<p>I have known since about 8th grade that I was going to major in fashion merchandising. This was because I was interested in design, but didn't think I would be good at it before college and thought I would need to submit a portfolio for application.
But as I'm meeting with people at universities, most schools are telling me that a portfolio isn't required, but if someone from another major in that college wants to switch one is required.
I'm also doing more research on design and think that is what I want to do.
More specifically, I am interested in styling, like for TV shows or plays or the like, and costume design. I have been thinking about costume design because I was a ballet dancer until injuries forced me to stop. Costume design for a ballet company or costume company would be a great way to combine my two greatest passions.
But I also realize that the fashion industry can be very selective, and that it would be wise to minor in something else. People have suggested minoring in marketing for a fashion merchandise major because it helps understand the business aspect of the major. I have always been pretty business-minded, so that could be okay.
But I also like writing, and recently have been talking to my best friend, who is the editor-in-chief of our school paper, about journalism. I've tried writing before, and I can't do fiction, but I write well in school when I am assigned a topic and am reporting facts. This makes me think I could possibly be a good journalist.</p>

<p>So basically, I don't know whether I want to dual major in design and merchandising, or just major in one of them and minor in either journalism or marketing.</p>

<p>I don't know details, but there are also good ways of combining fashion and journalism. I believe that a friend of mine is looking at programs (either bachelors or masters, not sure) in fashion journalism. My assumption is that substituting English for journalism would keep similar doors open, plus have the added benefit of giving you a non-vocational degree (which could be helpful for certain paths, although it wouldn't be necessary for all). </p>

<p>Not incredibly helpful, I know. Sorry...just wanted to alert you to the possibility of fashion journalism. Good luck :)</p>

<p>I don't know if you're interested in combing fashion and journalism, but here are some threads on that:</p>

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<p>A lot of schools require a marketing minor with their merchandising major, others don't. Some have a combined major in fashion merchandising and design. It isn't really necessary to do so unless you'd like. At my school a lot of the fashion merchandising majors minor in public relations.</p>