Fashion merchandising

<p>I'm a senior from Houston Texas I recently applied to Kent because I heard it was one of the best schools for this major, I am familiar with Ohio my patents are from Columbus but I would like to know if anybody had any insight and advice about the program and transition it would help tons</p>

I will share my observations as father of a freshman girl in the FashionDesign program. These majors are different, as I'm sure you understand, but I believe Kent's rep is equally strong for both. These are random thoughts which may or may not be applicable to you:
* Unlike most specialized schools offering FD/FM like FIT, FIDM, LIM etc, KSU is a large public university with typical college stuff like football games, diverse student body (not all designers). It provides a more traditional college experience.
* Overall, KSU is not a fantastic school but FD/FM are standout programs. If you are a strong student relative to their norm you can expect nice scholarships. My daughter (29 ACT, 3.8 GPA) is strong but not brilliant, and she got half ride plus admittance to Honors College and Honors dorm. KSU is making a concerted effort to attract higher caliber students. (for reference, middle 50% ACT scores of this year's frosh is 20-25).
* Huge plus for FM: 5th year MBA program. Go five years and get your bachelor's in FM plus an MBA. HUGE and largely unique, to my knowlege.
* Awesome study abroad option in Florence. Also Hong Kong and Paris although not as established. This is Kent facilities with Kent faculty taking Kent courses.
* Awesome NYC semester option taught in their facility with their faculty.
* Big endowments - many scholarships become available once you're a freshman. $$$
* From what I can tell, good relationships with alumni who provide internship opps. Internship is required for graduation.</p>

<p>What else can I tell you? Daughter's been there a month and loves it. Has many of her classes with the same group of kids and found it easy to make friends.</p>

<p>@bestman I was accepted now I have to visit I want to do the vist where you can shadow a fashion student and see what dorm since I will be so far away I want to be comfortable</p>

Hi ! Want to know how is FM program with MBA degree in Kent state ?

Hi ! For a specialized course like Fashion business management or fashion merchandise which is a good college. ?
Whether to go for specialized colleges or to a traditional university with varied exposure ? Am terribly confused. Pls suggest

searchforbest, the program at Kent State is quite new, maybe 3 years old. To the best of my knowledge it’s the only one in the country.