Fashion Program/University in general

My DD is a senior and plans to major in Fashion. Kent is always ranked in the top. We have not visited the University yet. Can someone tell us about their experience with the program and the University itself? Is it better to go to a college in NYC for internship opportunities etc.? She has a high gpa and high act and tons of ecs.

My daughter graduated from the Fashion Design program in 5/2016 and currently works in NYC. You’ll see a number of my epistles on the topics you mention if you search “fashion” under KSU. My comments below apply strictly to the DESIGN program, not Merchandising.

You’re correct if you believe that internships are the name of the game. KSU requires one and provides one with their NY STudio program, but one is not enough. Two is a minimum and three is ideal. Students at Parsons and FIT have easy availability of multiple internships, particularly if they live in the greater NY area. It’s not uncommon for such students to do 4 or 5, starting as early as high school. But this is not enough, especially in Design, where you obviously must have talent, real talent.

That’s not to say your daughter should go these schools. KSU students are valued in NY for their work ethic and grasp of technical skills. But it’s not easy to find a job in NYC - KSU outplaces most students for merch and design into companies like Kohl’s, Abercrombie and JCPenney - outside NYC.My daughter wanted a conventional college atmosphere, and that’s not what you’ll find at FIT or Parson’s (or SCAD for that matter). She’s happy she went to Kent and was successful getting a decent job in NYC because she executed a strategy and worked hard. I hope that doesn’t sound boastful. It’s just that Kent will never tell your daughter how tough the job market is. You need a plan well beyond the standard program.

Thank you @beastman for your reply. She has decide after years of wanting to do design that she prefers the business side and forecasting. She took 2 courses at FIT this summer and one last summer and really likes the school. She will also apply to SCAD, Marist, Drexel and our 2 state universities. Did your daughter have a lot of design experience when she started?

Prior to entering college she was the all-purpose “creative kid” in art classes. She designed and made some ice skating dresses and took some sewing classes, along with a summer quickie program at SCAD. Nothing major. But she ramped up once she went to Kent, asking instructors to help with special projects, entering all the contests, etc.

@beastman and I read your posts about getting academic scholarships. Who does she work for now?

Clique Media Group, who have designed a couple lines for Target.