Fashion Program

My senior DD is interested in the fashion program. Does anyone have any experience with it?

I took my rising senior on a visit to Marist this summer and while not interested in fashion, it was covered on the tour. I will admit, fashion is not a major I even pay attention to but I couldn’t help but listen at Marist. I was truly impressed with what they had to offer and thought, “if my child was interested in fashion this is where I’d go.” IMO, the proximity to NYC is a huge reason for the quality of this program (as others at Marist). Marist had a lot of internship connections, a beautiful campus and IMO not only survived the recession but came out ahead. Impressive all the way around.

I am currently a senior in the Fashion program at Marist. I can honestly say that Marist is the best decision if you’re interested in fashion right now. All of the professors have industry experience, so a lot of the time they’re teaching us from their real-life examples as opposed to a text book. As a freshman, I was exposed to the industry multiple times by travelling into the city and volunteering at fashion week (which I have now done at least once every year). I’ve had four internships over the past few years and I already have a job lined up for after graduation! The program is extremely hands-on and it’s ranked globally as one of the best fashion schools. There are so many opportunities and a lot of companies actually request Marist students because they know how great our education is. I personally chose Marist because I knew I wanted to do fashion but if I ever second guessed it I wanted to have a backup option. I also knew I wanted to have the traditional college campus experience in addition to a top-knotch program. Marist is honestly the best of both worlds!

@maristgr8 DD is going to apply but she was offered a great package from Kent state. It will all come down to merit aid and if marist is generous.

I also applied to Kent State and have friends who attend their program. While Kent does have a great program, Marist’s proximity to New York City can’t be beat. It’s important to go to a school that is in close proximity to where you’d like to end up after school. Marist has so many great connections, over 95% of our graduating class has secured a job or attending graduate school within 6 months of graduation. Aid was a big deal for me too, but in the end I knew that the education would pay off with a great job!

That’s awesome. One of the reasons she chose Kent is because of their NY Studio. They have a location in Chelsea and students are required to live there and intern. She ultimately wants to go to NYC as well. Do your friends like Kent?

Also, what type of job did you get and where? Congratulations on all your successes.