Fashionable backpack?

<p>I would like to buy my son's friend (female) a really nice, sturdy backpack. She is choosing between Barnard and Lehigh. She is on the preppy side, sweet and feminine. Are there "in" backpacks for college girls? (that will hopefully stay in style, is there a classic backpack?) I don't mind spending $100 or a bit more. Thanks!</p>

<p>I just got back from my daughters college and noticed most of the students had messenger bags instead of back packs. Messenger bags are like soft sided briefcases w/wide shoulder straps. I think the look is a little more professional then back packs too.</p>

<p>my college age daughter has been using my northface backpack for school
It is faded but not torn and is in great shape after 10 years.
you could also try ebags
they rate backpacks according to function and popularity
I also like the backpacks sold at LLBean and REI
there isn't an "in" back pack- not around here anyway, but they do vary by feature and fit-
I think that is a really nice idea- but kids tend to want to pick out their own backpacks- my younger daughter did anyway- my oldest just started using mine....
perhaps a gift certificate?</p>

<p>nothing beats LLBean. My D. got one in elementary school and by high school, the zipper broke. LLBean replaced the bag with a new one, no questions asked. D. insisted she did not need a new backpack for college as she loves the purple LLBean bag with her initials on it! She also has a computer bag but opts to leave her laptop in her dorm room most of the time as computers are all over the library and rest of the campus.</p>

<p>Thanks, everyone- I will check out my options at LLBean!</p>

<p>Pleasssee don't get her a back pack as most females at these schools would more likely carry bags. (At Barnard, she would stand out like a sore thumb with a backpack). My daughter (a self proclaimed bag queen, preppy and fashionista) does not have a back pack, but an assortment of bags including a LL bean Long Handle tote- medium, it fits laptop when needed and books. Straps are long enough that they are comfortable over a coat. If she is preppy, she may like a bag by Longchamp (the nylon one that folds down) or Herve Chapelier</p>

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<p>North Face ones are definitely sturdy, and the brand is generally considered "fashionable" sporting attire. If you're considering going beyond a basic black backpack, North Faces come in really cute colors - I have a light pink one. Have you considered getting hers monogrammed?</p>

<p>And Sybbie - love the Herves and Longchamps. I have no experience with Herves, but Longchamps last a looong time if you take good care of them; I've had mine since freshman year of high school.</p>

<p>Thanks, sybbie719!
Advice taken! I am about to search the links you gave! Her mom just died of cancer in December, and she is very dear! I want to tuck some spending money into something she can use! Thanks again!:)</p>


<p>I can only hope that my child has raised me well :) The Herves also hold up well as she has had them both for a few years.</p>

<p>my 14 yr old begged for an LLbean messenger bag- she never uses it for school because it doesn't hold very much and it makes you lopsided if you have anything of any weight to carry at all.
( she does use it for over night s)
backpacks are much more versatile particulary if you get one that has a waist strap
Both kids do have laptop sleeves to protect computers in their bags when they bring them.</p>

<p>I am struggling with what to give D for graduation. The Longchamps bag or something like it sounds like a good idea. She likes to wear Anthropologie (when I consent to fund it of course). What kind of a book carrying solution would fit her fashion profile:)?</p>

<p>Sybbie: Do you mean the Longchamp "Pliage"? Do you recommend the one with the long handles? Would that be easier to wear over the shoulder than the ones with the short handles? They are great looking bags.</p>

<p>Yep, Daughter swears by the long handle ones. As you said, they are easier to wear over the shoulder and the bag it self is light weight but sturdy. You see they even travel well. If you don't know her favorite color, I would suggest getting one in either Navy blue or Black, as it would be easier to match up with her wardrobe. If you are near a Saks, I know that they carry the bad You can also order from Saks online. The medium long handle, big enough for books is about $125). Some small boutiques also carry them. You can also check the listing for the retail store closest to you.</p>

<p>Wow, the trendy bags really vary from school to school. At Reed, you knit your own (and then felt it) or buy a bag used at "the Bins."</p>

<p>Nobody at my school wears a backpack for books?? Girls wear them as purses but NOT for books. This discussion is kinda funny.....of course every school is different. City Schools v Rural Schools.</p>

<p>My daughter is a bag queen.</p>

<p>She has the l.l. bean boat and tote.
A Herve and a Longchamps
A ck bradley tote
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<p>Vera Bradley is huge here, with the high school kids and the college age students. Don't get a Vera backback, they are either too young or too old. The tote works well.</p>

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<p>Right now the Vera bags are the most popular.</p>

<p>If she needs an actual backpack, I would go with the North Face. Great backpack.</p>

<p>:) Dmd77
my daughter is knitting "something" out of strips of plastic grocery bags
It reminds me of when everything was crocheted during the 70's
( speaking of the 70's what do you think of their Renn Fayre theme?)
I don't think she would want something that looked like it was very spendy- probably be a target for theives</p>


<p>i had to smile when I read your post. Our kids may be friends on some LJ community or maybe there is a 12 step program for them. She wants a Vera Bradley bag but is too cheap to spend her own money and I refuse to part with any more of mine because I personally don't think she needs another one. (she took a bag of bags to school).</p>

<p>I saw about an equal number of totes (sort of colorful, stylish boat bag types; don't know if they were Vera's, tho - lots of stripes) and backpacks at Tulane in April.</p>