Fast food breakfast/coffee

If you never eat fast food breakfast or coffee, this is not the place for you :wink:

I like McDonald’s breakfast. Egg McMuffin are awesome, I have switched to their oatmeal, trying to be healthier. Sigh.

But I love Tim Horton’s coffee. I went by one yesterday but the drive through line was so long. I had to get gas station coffee instead.

I do like dunkin. But Timmy’s is the best I think McDonald’s coffee is no good.

What about you?

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None of us do coffee, but we love Hardee’s for biscuits. Sausage, egg, and cheese is my favorite - country fried steak is H’s. They also have terrific hash rounds and carry Mello Yellow which is one of my favorite drinks. Obviously, when we choose to go there we aren’t even remotely trying to be healthy!

Others we like include Chick Fil A (esp their hash rounds!) and Burger King.

I used to really like Tim Hortons for breakfast and lunch, but the last few times we’ve eaten at one (in the states - not in Canada), they’ve been disappointing for sandwiches and donuts.

Tim Hortons for the donuts…and it’s a treat when we get them because that place is far from here!

I do like egg McMuffin, but have found that lots of local places make better breakfast sandwiches. I also like the ones that come on a croissant better. Dunkin has those!

Egg sandwich on a croissant from Dunkin with hot chocolate with 1/4 coffee but just stopped this to lose weight… Wonder why.

American bagel onion bagel with lox cream cheese with a coffee is also going away but so good.

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Biscuitville has the best biscuits. But Chick Fil A Chicken Minis are the bomb too. Hardees is also good if the first two aren’t available.


Assuming we want to talk about chains as opposed to local cause that’s a whole new ball game. :slight_smile:

Not a fan of Tim or DD food but like the DD basic coffee and at Tim Horton’s I like their iced capp.

Breakfast wise, at McDonald’s I’d choose a biscuit/bacon or sausage/cheese - if I can get them to add tomato, BONUS.

Funny story. Tim Horton’s of course is sacred in Canada. You can drive by at 10pm and the place is PACKED. We were traveling through a town while on vacation at our Canadian cottage and they were advertising “small iced cappuccinos, .99cents” - wow, that’s a deal especially in Canada where everything is more pricey!! We pulled through the drive through, ordered one for everyone in the car - turns out their “small” is American “sample size” - Lol, a few sips and that iced capp was history!!! :slight_smile:


The only chain breakfast I like is Mickey D’s Egg McMuffin. Deserves a James Beard award, IMO. :joy:

Speaking of local, back in the days when people actually went downtown to work or to do some shopping instead of looting, we tried this local sensation. It was good! “Trailer park to table” is their slogan. :wink: Let’s see if CC let’s me post their URL.


@BunsenBurner this is my first post I’m seeing today and it’s making me smile in so many ways! :blush:


Again, mostly local places. I’ll admit to a massive Starbucks “problem”, but generally we’re spending our breakfast money at Rise, Carolina’s (Carolina Coffee Shop), Southern Biscuit, etc.

I actually cried when Elmo’s in Carborro didn’t survive the pandemic. They closed up very early on and just never re-opened. Their blueberry orange french toast was outstanding!

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I am actually sitting in a huge line at the Tim Hortons drive through right now! It’s my favorite coffee.

I am not a big fan of fast food breakfast, but I really liked the Egg White Delight at McDonalds. Unfortunately, it’s no longer on the menu.

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Breakfast tacos. The best are from a gas station. Okay, so this is a local thing.
I like the Starbucks scones as an on the road treat.


I love breakfast food but rarely eat during typical breakfast hours. Not a huge coffee drinker either. I do love but rarely buy, Starbucks Chai Latte. I also really live their egg bites, especially the roasted red pepper one, which I’ve been meaning to try to make at home. Great protein snack.

When we do stop for breakfast/coffee, I prefer to support our locally owned coffee shops or bagel place. My 16 y/o daughter, however, loves Dunkin’ Donuts. This morning I heard her convincing her brother she would buy him breakfast on the way to school today if he took her to DD!

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God I used to love McDonald’s breakfast- sausage biscuit and hash browns. Their hash browns were my only true pregnancy craving- I guess I’m glad I wasn’t diagnosed with celiac until after I had my kids. Ha.

These days my go-to for coffee is an iced oat milk vanilla latte from Starbucks, but my breakfast of choice is a gluten free sausage, egg, and cheese from Dunn Brothers (their coffee is awful imo though). The gluten free soufflés from caribou will do in a pinch, but I can’t fully get behind their hint of sweetness in what should be a savory soufflé.


You reminded me that Panera has breakfast soufflés that are so good. My husband does not like Panera. But if I time it right, and feign ignorance there is a Panera on the Ohio turnpike on our way home from my son’s house in Pittsburgh!

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I’m going to be the outlier here, and cast my vote for Waffle House (a/k/a “Awful House”). When my kids were on a summer swim team years ago, it was a team tradition to head over there after a swim meet; and I became addicted to their hash browns, “scattered and smothered”.


I lived in the South for many years. Went to Awful House back in the late 80’s and saw the cook cut his finger and keep cooking. Just no, can’t get that image out if my head.


Well, I always sat at the counter, but I never saw anything that bad – thank goodness!

Since this is a (somewhat) anonymous place, I can admit I really like Burger King’s hash brown tater tots.

I also like McDonald’s hash browns. Hash browns need to be crispy, not soggy or undercooked.


Breakfast sandwich from Noah’s bagels. It’s not as good as our local bagel shop but it’s good when on vacation.
Egg or sausage McMuffin. Years ago in my office building they opened a Carl’s Jr. and at that time 30 plus years ago they made the best breakfast sandwich. They actually toasted the English muffin and used real bacon. The deli in my office building made a sandwich that was a grilled cheese with a huge mound of good bacon. You could get it with or without an egg served on rye or sourdough.
I’m picky about my coffee and I haven’t sound any fast food coffee I like.

Me too, me too.

We love us some Sunrise, but for chains I will give Bojangles a shout. I have a weakness for their fries with the seasoning.

Otherwise, maybe Panera. That is probably my fave fast food on the road. I don’t eat much fast food unless it’s a road trip.

I’ll also give a shoutout to the Come Back Shack, but that should be in the lunch/dinner thread. I’m too lazy to go back there though.

Oh and for doughnuts I am team Krispy Kreme all the way. Kinda hate Dunkin. Never been to Tim Horton’s (do they have doughnuts?)

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