FAU Application: Now or Later?

Hi! So, applying to FAU is a recent decision of mine. I was planning on going to UCF through the Top 10 Knights program, but I found that for my major (Architecture) I’d have to study at Valencia College and not at the UCF campus. Unfortunately, a school’s location and environment are two huge aspects for me, and I simply do not want to spend my next four years at Valencia. Because of this, I’m applying to FAU, and am planning to study Urban Design.

Now, my question is, when is the best time to apply? I’m well aware that for any time after November the answer would be ASAP, but I’d rather send in a great application later than send an average one now. The reason as to why my application can improve later is because I plan to take the March SAT and hopefully get my score up to a 1290 so I can get the full Bright Futures scholarships. It also helps that it’s a better score to apply with, and my GPA will go up from doing well on my Dual Enrollment classes. Here are my stats as of right now:

Demographics: Hispanic, female, first-gen
GPA: 3.96 unweighted, 4.25 weighted
SAT: 1190 (650 r/w, 540 m)
Class rank: 3/104
Classes: 5 hon, 2 AP, 7 dual enrollment (11 by the end of senior year)

(Not sure if FAU cares about extracurriculars but)
NHS - 2 years, Treasurer
Rotary InterAct Club - 3 years, Activities Director
SGA - 1 year, Vice President
Art Club - 1 year, Co-Founder & Co-President
RYLA 2019

380+ volunteer hours

So, should I apply now? Or leave it for March? I’m really unsure of what to do. If you go to FAU or are just knowledgable when it comes to the admissions process, please help! Thank you in advance! :smile: