FAU Honors College (Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College)

has anyone been accepted to the honors college before December 15th?

I just got my acceptance letter yesterday. The letter said it was made on the 13th so yes I was accepted before the 15th

What are your stats & EC if you dont mind me asking? I am hoping to get accepted.

me! im going are you?

Hi @jaylenekennedy @Genevieve25 @friday1064 are you all National Merit Scholars? Just wanted to know if they accept only National Merit Students.

Hey there! I was not a national merit scholar. The honors college welcomes everyone and offers scholarships within the school to help with tuition for those interested as well.

Thank you @friday1064 Is it for FL residents only?

Nope! We have plenty of out of state students on our campus :slight_smile:

It’s been 3 years since you joined @friday1064 , has anything changed in these 3 years? What would be their selection criteria? Based on what you mentioned:

  1. Doesn’t need to be NMS finalist
  2. Doesn’t need to be FL resident
    What specific criteria do they look for? My D has applied and they send out interview notifications this week I think.

When I applied, admission was pretty easy compared to other more competitive schools in the state. There are a few things that have changed. Our campus is now accepting more applicants than before (An additional residence hall is being built to house more students) and from my perspective, the school has been shifting more towards the sciences than liberal arts in general. There are many resources and research opportunities for science majors and pre-med students. We also have community engagement scholarships for students (in and out of state) who would like to volunteer with a local organization and intern.

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My DC also applied to FAU BS/MD and she is waiting for the status. Got into honor college just before the deadline on 1/15/21. Do you know how many called for interview and how many will be given applicants will get offer?

It is just FAU UG admission, right? Is there separate honor college admissions?

My S also accepted into both their honors college, waiting for the BS/MD interview.

They have UG Honors at two locations

@friday1064 , I am sure everyone in this thread is more curious to know more details about the college. Could you please give more details on the size of the college, general college experience, social life and fun that any normal student expects as an undergrad? What do your seniors say? How difficult is to maintain the grades? Are there any successful kids who graduated to their medical and landed up with good residencies? Sorry, I don’t know how old is the program.

@kavithad did you hear anything back regarding your daughter application?

There are few that received the interview on this thread: Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants