FAU Not Accepted But Kinda Not Rejected? Anyone else experience this?

So today in my statistics class I got an email from FAU that was titled “request to change major”. Naturally I was confused.

I had been waiting on a decision as I applied mid-late August and my file was labeled as complete on September 1st.

I clicked on the email to find a rejection, kind of. Here is what the email said,

“Dear Garrett,

Thank you for your interest and application to Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you admission for any major in the College of Engineering. However, we would be happy to review your application under a new major.”

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m confused. I’m disappointed because I was rejected for computer science, but oddly happy because this email makes me think they still want me at their school, and while applying I was heavily debating Geosciences, so upon changing my major I chose Geosciences.

Let me know what you guys think if you have any thoughts on this or if this has happened to you before!? Thanks :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard of it before, but have seen some ppl get acceptance emails and later find out it was a glitch ! Best is to call them and fnd out. You can always request transfer in first year.

I got this in my email Thursday but for the nursing program FAU offers. I send them email about possibly telling me why they reject me but no response however, I’m very stressed cause I am placing all of my marbles and future in FAU (especially since its my dream school) and have a more realistic chance of getting acceptance then other top Florida Universities like USF, UM, & UCF

@Gbw1005 I have heard of this from other schools; usually it was because the applicant didn’t have strong enough stats for a particular major, or because it was a capped major, and they didn’t make the cut. In those cases the school didn’t want to outright reject them, so they offered them re-evaluation under a different major for the possibility of a path to admissions to the school.

Schools often reject a student in a specialized college like engineering or business but either automatically send the application to the college of arts and sciences (or similar general college) or, as in your case, ask if you are interesting in another college at FAU. If you are interested in majoring in physics or chemistry so that you can transfer to the college of engineering, tell them yes and see if you get accepted in one of those majors. You should also ask how and when you could apply to engineering as a sophomore or junior.

If you are only interested in engineering and there is another school where you’ll be admitted, then tell them ‘no thank you’ and move on.