favorite books/films

<p>what did you guys put down? are there any specific things you would not recommend putting down?</p>

<p>I have yet to do the films/exhibits etc question cus I can't figure out what I want to say yet. But for the books one I listed a lot, I think 13, but I left out the ones that were just like stupid novels that I just read for fun and didn't stimulate me at all. They ask those questions to try to figure out more about who you are so list things that you think will help them get a picture of what you're like.</p>

<p>Thirteen books is way too many. Admissions guy said too many books is not good. Stick to five or less.</p>

<p>Why are too many books not good?</p>

<p>The more books you list, the more difficult it is to see you through the books you list. If you only list a few, they can get a better picture of you.</p>

<p>For example, I listed four books. Two of which were from the same author.</p>

<p>I listed a lot of different types of books ot show how diverse I am- how I could enjoy something so pop-culture like davinci code or harry potter, but then sometihng a little more interesting and quirky like cheese monkeys and a heartbreakign work of a staggerign genius. I did this the same with movies and everything, fillin up the entire 3 lines. is this not good?</p>

<p>Well do what you want; it's not my application. :)</p>

<p>no- but why did the admissions guy say it was bad.</p>

<p>I told him my favorite books and movies and he gave me a suggestion to put like around 4 or 5 (or less) because if he saw a list of books, it's harder for him to get a general picture about somebody. For example, listing books like Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code, Pride and Prejudice, etc with many different tastes wouldn't allow him to know you better only that you were diverse. So here's what I did: I have a favorite author. I put two books by her in one line and then two different books in the two other lines. The two from my favorite author were written in the last decade but the other two were written in the mid 1900s. This still shows diversity but more economically. And the more the adcoms have to read, the more it is a chore to them.</p>

<p>I guess what I'm trying to say is if you only have three books, they hold more power in communicating who you are than, say, fifteen. Choose your five most favorite and put them down.</p>

<p>Well, my S did it Freakish's way (ever occurred to him to ask an adcom,) and it turned out fine. I think it showed him better than cherry-picking a few books did.</p>

<p>hmm i have down varied tastes also... but i think they get the drift that i like the classics (i'm just listing authors here)
hemingway, chomsky, c. bronte, lahiri, rushdie, & vonnegut
for required readings...
chopin, ibsen, hawthorne, wright, & a. miller
Amelie, a photography exhibit at the Met, an outdoor concert by NY Philharmonic and Sleeping Beauty (ballet)
ny times, ny times magazine</p>

<p>I know this is a stupid question (DONT LAUGH), but I can't help it. Would it look wierd if I put down Teen magazine or Rolling Stone? I read the NY Times and Magazine too, but it does seem kind of unrealistic that those are the only types I read.</p>

<p>Rolling stone is ok cus it shows you're interested in music, but they don't want to see Teen magazines on there. I specifically asked this question cus I didn't really understand the purpose of those questions-they want to try to figure out what you like, but you don't want to give them the impression that you're just a silly girl that likes celebrities. If you read any other magazines that are focused on a specific subject, list those instead.</p>

<p>Hey I listed Rolling Stone as a magazine I read and the Austin City Limits Festival as one of my fav festivals. it's np.</p>