Favorite Cloth Masks

I sarcastically chuckle when I think back to how in the spring I was seeing stores put masks on clearance. I had a feeling it was premature!

That said, I am finding I need to invest in some additional cloth masks. I have some disposable but honestly prefer the cloth for fit and feel and am cool with washing them often.

What I’m looking for:
No mask ties that I need to tie each time. Prefer adjustable ear elastic.

I have a small face! I often feel like my face drowns in many masks. So if you have similar what masks work for you?

I don’t know how to describe this but I’d like the choice of a mask that it cut out around the nose - so not straight across the nose (which then for me nearly takes in my eyes!) sort of like a teepee around the nose.

Also some masks seem to sort of like an N-95 not be smashed against the face- sort of a pocket or air space in the mouth area.

I know, lots of requests. Brand and link would be extra great. I’d assume just order online. Amazon is great if they have them. My original supply over the last 15 months or so is wearing out after use and many washes.

Gap has three packs of adult cloth masks. Some are less costly than others. I have purchased several of these and find them to fit well (I also have a smaller face).



They have the pleated ones too.


Not a cotton mask, but a shaped knit mask made from recycled polyester & silver yarn (Silverkiss that has antimicrobial properties).
Washable. Comes in different sizes. Lots of colors to choose from. Has a removable copper nose wire so you can adjust the fit.
Bilio also sells replacement nose wires if you lose yours.

I have two (one to wear; one in the wash) and I can confirm that the masks don’t collapse against you nose& mouth when you breathe. I’ve had mine for over a year and they are still in great condition.

Forgot to add, if you want greater protection, they sell a version that has pockets so you can insert an additional filter.


Athleta masks are what you are looking for. I have a small face and although they are a little big, they are the only ones I will wear.



These are my “heavy duty” masks that my dad got for me. They come with the PM2.5 filters. I have worn them 8 hours/day with no problems, but my job is sedentary


I have tried a bunch, each person in my house has their preference, but I am a huge fan of the ones from joahlove. They have adjustable bands on the back and are sloped on the front. They are the best for little kids also. They are expensive but almost always have a sale. My son likes the ones from tiebar, they have a metal adjustable area and also are sloped on the front.


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facecovers.com and headcovers.com as I remember, are my favorites. I also ordered some N95’s and KN95’s from Project N95, and they also carry masks. Their products are vetted.

I like the cloth masks from Primary. They are affordable and comfortable. I also have a small face and the adult small works for me. I like that they hang round our neck when you take them off, so easier to keep track of/ keep clean. They don’t have a nose piece but they do come with extra filter inserts you can add for times when you want an additional layer of protection.

You can see one person’s mask tests and ratings, including filtration efficiency (higher means better filtration) and pressure drop (lower means better flow):
Video reviews: https://www.youtube.com/user/coll0412/videos
Spreadsheet of ratings: Mask Testing Data - Google Drive

However, the spreadsheet does not mention washability and reusability, so you need to check each mask individually for that. The Airgami masks that some on these forums have mentioned for good filtration and low restrictiveness are washable and reusable – the manufacturer says that they “can last a month of daily usage, rinsing, air-drying, and up to 48 cycles of heat disinfections.”

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A plain cloth mask offers very little protection. However, some are antimicrobial or virus deactivating. I like Livingguard.

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I like Graf Lantz masks, great quality.

I have a small narrow face and my favorite masks are from Nordstroms and are Steve Madden. My mother in law gave them to me and at first I rolled my eyes at name brand masks but they are hands down my favorite. They are cut low under my eyes so I can see as some masks come up way too high.


I also have a very small head/face - have always purchased children’s sunglasses because adult sizes are too big!

For Christmas I was given a set of masks from Beau Ties. They were the children’s size (measurements on site). They have wire over the nose, elastic loops for the ears, and very thick fabric. Lots of pretty fabrics to choose from.

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I’ve been sewing them for 19 months now. I looked at the Athleta masks and the side height is way too large, IMO. That’s basically the design I make, but 3.6" side height will leave a gap on the sides of your face.

The ones I make are 2.75-3" on the sides for women, 3.25-3.75" for men (my solidly built 6’4" son with a beard gets a 3.75"). I wear a 3" side measurement and can put a surgical mask or N95 underneath it. I prefer that to filter pockets, though I’ve made those, too. Adjustable elastic further customizes the fit, which is crucial when sewing for folks you’ll never meet.

I use nose and chin pleats on my personal masks; if I’m double masking, the inner mask will have a nose wire. For the groups I was sewing for (shelters, kids, supportive housing), the preference was no nose wires due to safety concerns.


I wanted to like the Athleta ones (I have a lot of Athleta rewards $$!) but I agree that they looked “bigger” than what I want/need.

Cloth masks do not give as good of protection as surgical or KN95 disposal masks.
This is a good website, https://www.shopmaskc.com/
If you use “summer” as a discount code, you’ll get 50% off.


I see too many surgical masks (the blue ones) that are a terrible fit. The staff at my cardiac rehab twist the elastic and knot it at the side pleats to reduce the huge gap on the sides. They talked to me about my masking and thought my combo method was excellent protection.

I follow the “swiss cheese” theory of masks – two layers of densely woven cotton fabric, with a surgical/N95 underneath if I’m in a place/situation where I need additional caution (which is everywhere, considering my medical stuff). This is overkill for most people, but necessary for me.

Amazon and local quilt/sewing stores have silicone “frames” that fit against your face inside a fabric or surgical mask if it’s too close to your mouth. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C5GTW1W/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_C76SKACEH15S2C5PMGPB?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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I really like the masks from Vista Print.

Sorry to be a buzzkill but cloth masks should not be worn. Wear a surgical type of mask with maybe your cloth masks over it. Sorry, but your not protecting yourself enough according to all the studies out there. They might be banned on flight soon.

But… 3m has a new mask coming to market that is N95 but wears like the typical over the ear masks, loop style masks. Much easier to wear… It isn’t approved yet but… I have seen it live… Not sure when it’s coming to market.


Look at sonovia. Very lightweight and antibacterial. Its my traveling on a plane mask