Favorite college references in movies

<p>So do you have any favorite movies that also mention a college you love? My new favorite that I watched yesterday is Risky Business, where Joel (Tom Cruise) wants to go to Princeton and gets in even though he said "sometimes you just gotta say what the f**k" in his interview. Even though it was a small part of the movie it made it even better.</p>

<p>Not a movie, but House got kicked out of Johns Hopkins.</p>

<p>Haha what did he do?</p>

<p>He was ratted out for cheating. Classic House.</p>

<p>Legally Blonde-Harvard
Probably one of my top 10 movies ever, and yes, I am a guy, and no, I am not gay</p>

<p>In King of the Hill (obviously not a movie), Connie gets really good at wrestling and says something like "Yeah! Chico State!" I only like this because I live in Chico :P</p>

<p>High School Musical 3: Gabriella going to Stanford!</p>

<p>A Cinderella Story..duh (Princeton)
chad michael murray <3</p>

<p>Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - Go to Princeton and get some drugzzzz. :D</p>

<p>the movie 21 - MIT!</p>

<p>Not a movie but-</p>

TIM McGee goes to MIT tim=mit hahaha</p>

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - Go to Princeton and get some drugzzzz.

Finally...a good movie.</p>

<p>Haha jk good stuff guys</p>

High School Musical 3: Gabriella going to Stanford!



<p>Rory freaks out because she didnt get into harvard and thats the only place she applied </p>

<p>Love that movie!</p>

<p>21- MIT. Obviously.</p>

<p>It's funny how the main character's GPA is 4.0 in the movie 21, when all his other academic stats are perfect/near-perfect.</p>

<p>^ I don't get what's funny about that, I haven't seen 21 in a while so please elaborate</p>

<p>GPA at MIT is on 5.0 scale, thus making 4.0 not that impressive.</p>

<p>oh haha I learn something new everyday, its funny cause most people would think that its on a 4.0 scale thus making that guy real impressive</p>

<p>MIT is weird in too many ways.</p>