Favorite college websites

Just curious – what colleges have the best websites? Like the ones that really make you want to go there? And why?

Not exactly your question, but…

I think Florida Tech has a great Virtual Tour. So many schools underperformed in their virtual information sessions and tours.

UNC-Chapel Hill has the worst website.

No, that’s a great answer! Thanks.

In my opinion both Tufts and Georgia Tech have the best blogs about the application process through wait list. Great way to understand the entire process and highly informative.

Good question! It reminded me of this, from Colorado College’s Directions page: “Colorado College is located in Colorado Springs, just 75 miles south of Denver. It is accessible by car, bus, plane, llama, flying squirrel, and horse cart; however, it is not accessible by kayak, canoe, cruise ship, or other water-based forms of transportation.” I discovered this when my son was touring schools three years ago and thought “what a great school this must be!”


Oh, Carolina, my alma mater. My kid refused to consider it based on that website.

My son’s school, Elon University, has a great website. Any question or tidbit I’ve ever wanted to know is easily found on it. And the student news site/paper/broadcast, Elon News Network, is excellent too and a great way to get info online. Elon has a great Communications program and it shows in their website and social media.

Our home state flagship, and we all would love for my daughter to be interested (herself included) but their virtual information session wasn’t much better. We’ll give it try again with an official tour once school resumes, but it’s strange. It’s as if they’re not trying to sell the school at all. Maybe they feel as though they don’t have to?

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I would add the UGA blog to that. David Graves is so transparent about the entire process, not just at UGA, but in general.

@PickleParent @Zinnia203
UNC-CH was one of our worst campus tours (pre-covid)! My D wasn’t interested after that. She did end up applying because of the Robertson, but that was the only reason.

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This is exactly why I love Rick Clark at GT.

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Yes! Rick Clark and David Graves are my favorites. Also Dean J at UVA.

@DramaMama2021 and @Knowsstuff, can you tell me a little bit more about what you like about the blogs you listed?


They are very open about the admissions process at their respective institutions while also sharing information about admissions across the board. I encourage you to read the most recent GA Tech blog post as an example (Knowsstuff linked it upthread).

Exactly. Very upfront and honest even though most don’t want to listen to reality. When my son who went to Michigan was wait listed from GT then I read the older wait list blog I wrote to Rick Clark to Thank him. I like the Dave Barry type of humor and the honesty and transparency is upfront. Their approach also applies to most colleges. They are actually fun reads chock full of information. I would go back a few years and spend an hour and read them. Extremely Informative. I use them on the Michigan threads when people start the complaining about why little Johnny didn’t get in and his grades/stats are higher… Etc.

@DramaMama2021 and @Knowsstuff

Thank you both so much. I’m writing a blog post on the topic, and I’d love to quote you if that’s okay with you.

And if you’re willing to answer a few more questions about your experiences with the application process, specifically relates to schools’ digital presence (e.g. what makes a virtual campus tour good vs. terrible), please send me an email at: melissal (at) vtldesign (dot) com.

Thanks again!