Favorite gen ed classes (Cultural Diversity, Population & Environment)

Hi, I’m an incoming freshman looking to sign up for classes soon, and I realized I need to take a gen ed
I only have Cultural Diversity and Population and the Environment that I need to fill.
Is there any gen ed classes that you have taken in these categories that you really liked? I’d prefer the classes to not be super writing intensive, I’ll have hard enough classes as it is without adding a hard elective.
I’d probably most prefer doing History classes for these elective slots, so especially if there’s a history class you liked, please tell me.


Any poli sci class from Howard Cody or Mark Brewer is bound to be interesting.

Sociology class – Professor Amy Blackstone is AMAZING. Her classes are fascinating, particularly the Sociology of Gender ones.

People love Human Sexuality; I thought the class was interesting but super-biased in a feminist perspective. I received an A because I did all the work, but the professor who teaches the class (initials S.C.) wrote a personal, nasty email to b**** me out about my views, stating that they were “fine to have as a personal opinion, but NOT acceptable for public policy” and that I should be ashamed to be a female or something ridiculous like that. I promptly forwarded the email to the Dean.