Favorite Holiday Gifts

<p>I thought it would be fun to share favorite holiday gifts. I'll start....got a gorgeous blue topaz and diamond necklace from my husband. (I'll start another thread about white elephant gifts).</p>

<p>i had both of my boys home for the entire day. we spent several hours at my mom's house with my sister's entire family. one of the best days of the entire past year. </p>

<p>best gift--a scrapbook that my husband put together. really brought a tear to my eye--so many neat memories all put together!</p>

<p>Patience, thumper. :) My family still has not touched the stuff under the tree, although DH is really intrigued by the large object under a sheet with a big bow (H did note that is was smaller than a Lexus).</p>

<p>Kegerator and Widespread Panic tickets</p>

<p>Best gift? The entire family being home. Second best? Family member genuinely enjoying their gifts (both given and received).</p>

<p>A clear mammogram</p>

<p>Diamond earrings</p>

<p>My whole family here (plus a few extras...some of whom I don't know...strays that I welcome) Note: no mil, sil, bil</p>

<p>My daughters, both in an introspective mood, separately telling me that the other sister is their best friend. I am so glad that they finally saw it for themselves.</p>

<p>Unbelievable note by DS to go with his Amazon gift card to me (for Kindle books).
Along the lines of "I know I don't say this stuff often enough...."
Loved every word. Confirmed that he IS the warm hearted young man I suspect him to be.</p>

<p>Thuemper1- you hit the jackpot this year, a whirlwind trip and a diamond necklace, you must have been very good.</p>

<p>I got my tennis bracelet :). The girls said I need to get another one, so they could each have one. </p>

<p>I love my cheesy 70's music set.</p>

<p>I'm not sure which thread this goes under, this one or the white elephant one. I got a paper saying IOU one great present. DH pestered me so much leading up to Christmas that I finally told him to quit badgering me. I guess I'm not easy to buy for?</p>

<p>All I really want for Christmas is to hear from D. She's been gone to a foreign country since July and we have not spoken at all, just an email now and then. She doesn't have cell phone or internet on a regular basis. Boo.</p>

<p>All I really want for Christmas is to hear from D. She's been gone to a foreign country since July and we have not spoken at all, just an email now and then. She doesn't have cell phone or internet on a regular basis. Boo.</p>

<p>I know how that is- My best present is spending Christmas with D2, since once she graduates college * who knows* how far away she will be.
( even though D1 is celebrating across the country this year, the rest of the time she is less than 200 miles from home)</p>

<p>Another best present ( one of several) is from my secret Santa- from the Pearl Jam clubs fundraising arm- bootleg recordings from Eddie Vedders recent USA tour- very hard to come by! :D</p>

<p>Hope you hear from your D soon Zoeydoggie.</p>

<p>I also admit one of my best presents is one I bought myself & it is practical, an iPod nano + watchband strap that I can wear at the gym!</p>

<p>& I admit it is very nice ( since we don't currently have any pets), to be spending Christmas with my older D's dog & to see my D2 so happy playing with him.

<p>Both Starbucks holiday blend and Peets holiday blend coffee! And some treasured moments with the family.</p>

<p>Based on recommendations on another thread, "Santa" gave the family Ticket to Ride. It was a hit with everyone, including me!</p>

<p>Having the worm home is enough. I like the friends coming by and eating potato pancakes and leaving a messy kitchen.</p>

<p>I have 3 sisters and a brother remaining from my nuclear family. The girls are very close, my bother not so much due to being the youngest and a career in the military. He is now retired and living in another part of the country. He sent a package to one sister to be given out during our family Christmas celebration. He had made hard back books of photos for each sister's family with pictures of our grandparents, parents, deceased siblings, and recent family events. Although many of the pictures were the same, each book was different, featuring pictures specific to that family. We figured out that he had gone onto Facebook and pulled some pictures. I have always been a little sad that due to age differences and geography and other factors, I don't have a better relationship with my brother. I am very moved that he would make such a personal gift for each of us.</p>


<p>I'll join the chorus and say my best gift is having the whole family together. DS and DD spent hours putting a together a jigsaw puzzle I purchased for the family. I loved sitting there with my eggnog and panettone listening to their strategy. Since they both have their own places and are rarely home at the same time, this was a real treat. I'm hoping the four of us can get to a movie this afternoon. That would top off a lovely weekend.
Favorite material gifts? Probably the maple cutting board from Williams Sonoma and a new watch from my DH.</p>

<p>Video chat with S1 who is away from home for the first time. He linked up with us and opened the christmas stocking we had sent him as we chatted. He loved the can of mini- bungee cords, the caramels, the DVD, the lego, even the toothbrush. I loved him.</p>

<p>My daughter made me some DVDs of my old VHS tapes of the glory days when I played (and won) on Jeopardy 17 years ago. If nothing else it was fun to watch the old TV commercials from the 1990s.</p>

<p>The pleasure of watching my elderly parents mambo to old Perez Prado records. And listening in while D taught her grandmother how to play her new ukelele. Best gifts ever.</p>

<p>My Stressless update: DH was totally gobsmacked! How can a small woman sneak a large recliner into the house without her H noticing it? The chair sat in the corner of the living room under a white sheet for almost a day! Apparently, my DH is that oblivious. The gift was a total surprise to him. Unfortunately, H says that he will not be able to do any reading in the chair, especially if one of the cats decides to join him - it is better than a sleeping pill. :)</p>

<p>My favorite gift: a card with a "coupon for a shopping trip together anywhere in the world" (have I ever mentioned how my DH hates to shop?). For some reason, I cannot stop thinking about KaDeWe. OTOH, there is some nice shopping in Honolulu. :)</p>

<p>My nephew got a game called Small World - "Like Risk if Risk weren't boring". <a href="http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/40692/small-world%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/40692/small-world&lt;/a> We've all enjoyed playing it.</p>