Favorite Interview = Favorite School??

<p>Just wondering how many people (students and parents) would say that the interview they felt went the best was at their top choice school? It seems that often when an interview doesn't go well, then the school drops down on the favorite list. Was your best interview at your top choice school?</p>

<p>For myself, this was not true. I took my interviews for my fav. schools in the beginning, when I had no experience. I did pretty well, but not as well as when I gained experience for interviewing. My best interviews mostly came from pure experience, and did not really reflect my top choice.</p>

<p>Yes! I'm pretty good at interviews, I love to talk and I have plenty to say, but this year, I've had two interviewers who were just honestly rude. Even though I love those schools, I can't help but think back to these interviews and they do have a bit of an impact.
Some schools, I had great interviews with, and I wasn't really that excited about the schools originally, but the interviewers are really good at convincing you that their school is the best! =)</p>

<p>For me, the interview definitely impacted my view of the school. The interviews where I felt most comfortable made me feel more at ease at the school. I did have some very rude interviewers, which totally turned me off from those schools. But in my case, my favorite interview = favorite school :) I feel like the interviews set the tone for the rest of the experience at the schools.</p>

<p>I forgot to mention that I had all off-campus interviews. A lousy on-campus interview could potentially have a greater impact.</p>

<p>This is quite interesting. It makes you wonder if the schools are aware that potential applicants feel they had bad experiences or were treated rudely. It would be so interesting to know if many of these experiences were at the same school, and if so, with the same person. If it was the same school but with different people, I would have serious concerns about the school in general. It it was the same school with the same person, well, I guess they could have a bad egg and not know about it.....</p>

<p>I think it was true...my best interview was at my favorite school...now, of course, I had already DECIDED it was my favorite school, so I'm a little biased! I think interviews have the potential to make or break the applicant.</p>

<p>My best interview was with the school I was least interested in, and my worst interview was with my top choice school...</p>

<p>For us, the interview pretty much determined if the school was going to make the "apply to" cut. So I guess our answer is "yes".</p>

<p>Warmth and interpersonal chemistry (admittedly very vague criteria) were both qualities my wife and I (and I think my daughter, though I doubt she'd use those words) were looking for in a school. Schools that left us cold were crossed off the list immediately.</p>

<p>Our favorite conversations were definitely had at the two schools where she was admitted. At both schools, we felt the AO showed a genuine interest in our daughter and our family from the first meeting. These AOs spent plenty of time with our daughter as well as my wife and I. There was laughter. Gestures of "keep in touch" proved not to be empty promises. Emails and phone calls were returned.</p>

<p>I think this gets back to that issue of "fit" in many ways.</p>

<p>NOTE: We got a similar feeling from Groton, but she ultimately did not apply there.</p>

<p>My first choice before interviews, I ened up hating and probably won't go to revisit even if accepted</p>

<p>I found it to be generally true, but I don't think that the interview was the clenched for me. St. George's was my favorite interview and school, but if the interview hadn't gone as well I still would have liked the school.</p>

<p>I had an awful interview with one of my top choice schools, and a really rude interviewer. It turned me off to that school, but I ended up applying anyway. I really connected with the interviewer, however, at another one of my top choice schools and it made me feel a lot warmer toward that school.</p>

<p>Oddly, my favorite interview was not at my favorite school. Sure, I had great interviews for both (not to boast or anything), but I felt that the interviewer at my other choice was much friendlier and less uptight.</p>