Favorite professors at UF

<p>Want to get some input on which profs people like most. Class/Prof. would be useful.
Most interested in the undergrad profs.</p>

<p>If there are profs to avoid, it would be helpful to know Class/Prof./Reason</p>


<p>I really like both Prof. Rush and Denslow, although Denslow's class is tough for sure. I had a good experience with Mocko and Jane Smith, but a lot of people do not like the way Jane presents Calculus.</p>

<p>Is there any particular subject you're interested in / planning on taking a lot of?
I can name some professors, but they might not be of any use to you if you're not going to take classes in their department.</p>

<p>I won't mention CS profs because it'd probably be of little worth, but some of the professors I've had that many students would/will probably encounter that I particularly enjoyed:</p>

<p>Denslow (macroeconomics)
Rush (microeconomics)
Wagman (Ancient Egypt)
Mitselmakher (physics)
Rao (math)
Boyland (math)</p>

<p>ATM I'm looking at profs. for the weed out underclassmen courses.</p>