Favorite rap songs?

<p>I'm making a new workout playlist and I need some upbeat music. Thanks.</p>

<p>Cinderella Man, No Love, Not Afraid, Light Up, Love the Way you Lie, G.R.I.N.D, I'm beamin + anything Lupe, anyhting B.o.B, rest of Em's Recovery album.</p>

<p>so fly- gorilla zoe
mr. right- mickey avalon
my d.ick- mickey avalon (he's white haaha)
bling bling- b.g.
lemonade- gucci
a lot of lil wayne ones obv</p>

do the john wall- troop 41</p>

<p>^^ lil wayne is ****. gucci is worse.
and if you want upbeat, b.o.b, j.cole are the best for it. and Drake.</p>

<p>Party and ******** of course...</p>