Favorite T-Shirts

<p>It seems to be a popular topic here, and UChicago seems to be known for its humorous t-shirts.</p>

<p>So...here's your outlet: what are your favorite University of Chicago t-shirt slogans? :D</p>

<p>The classic is "Where Fun Comes to Die," sold by Tufts House, which can somehow get away with selling $30 sweatshirts and $15 T-shirts. It's not my favorite, but it doesn't get old. Too many prospies take it seriously!</p>

<p>My wife believes such humor is always inappropriate, but everyone else in my family likes "Where the only thing that goes down on you is your GPA." My son shelled out money for that one.</p>

<p>We all also like "That's fine in practice, but how does it work in theory?"</p>

<p>I think JHS grabbed the best one.</p>

<p>The most inappropriate slogan, and the one that wasn't approved for t shirt designs: "The University of Chicago is like unprotected sex: You're glad you got in but sorry you came." </p>

<p>"Where hell does freeze over" and "The level of hell that Dante forgot" are both good ones as well.</p>

<p>"That's all well and good in practice...but how does it work in theory?"</p>

<p>I had never heard of the unprotected sex one (and probably for good reason), but I literally laughed out loud at that.</p>

<p>If I get into UChicago, I'm going to have to start saving up for t-shirt funds.</p>

<p>The soul-snatching dinosaur one....</p>

<p>"Where the only thing that goes down on you is your GPA."</p>


<p>BJ sells the dinosaur one. They didn't sell it last year, though.</p>

<p>Another favorite is "Ted is my Homeboy" shirts that feature Dean O'Neill. I'm sure we're the only school out there that has such an homage to its Dean of Admissions!</p>

<p>I like the shirts with Dean O'Neill as well. I'm also a fan of the save the Uncommon application shirts which just say "I am Uncommon." My all time favorite shirt is probably "The level of hell that Dante forgot."</p>

<p>The Uncommon app t shirts were a one time thing. They're not regularly produced or sold.</p>

<p>I completely forgot about the dinosaur one. That one ties with GPA in my opinion. And the shirt is just so cute.</p>

<p>When I was overnighting, there was much discussion about new sweatshirts coming out. My favorite:</p>

<p>Front says "Chicago students do it theoretically"</p>

<p>Back says "Chicago students do it, theoretically"</p>

<p>I'll stick with my "Supply. Demand." one - absolute classic.</p>

<p>^^ That one is official. (Supply/Demand). No fun!</p>

<p>The uncommon t-shirt is my favorite also. Perhaps a house should pick it up. Another favorite is the black/ blue sweatshirt " where hell freezes over."</p>

<p>I haven't been able to find any of the unofficial shirts. Can anyone post a link?</p>

<p>The unofficial t-shirts are sold by houses and are not available online or through the University's bookstore. They're typically sold in Cobb (main academic building) or in Reynolds Club (student union). Usually the houses coordinate to sell t-shirts on prospie weekends-- they make a killing then.</p>

<p>Other than that, if you want your Where Fun Comes to Die shirt, you're going to need to go here to be around when they sell them.</p>

<p>The "I am Uncommon" t-shirt is actually my least favorite. I just find it so snobby and pretentious. It made sense for the event (a small rally against the Common Application), but I almost cringe when I see it. The U of C really doesn't need any more intellectual elitism.</p>

<p>Snobby and pretentious in the worst way: anxiously, defensively, ineffectively. (Nothing says "I'm unique; I follow my own path" like the t-shirt everyone else wore to the same rally.)</p>

<p>My fav: Front says simply University of Chicago
Back says:
Whip Me
Spank Me
Make me read "The Iliad"</p>

<p>best of all, they're a fundraiser for the Bondage Club</p>