Favorite Thing

<p>What is your favorite thing about your college (serious, not, "The girls are hott." or something that is equally prevalent at most colleges) ^.^</p>

<p>Halloween! Most of the year, Kent State parties suck, but Halloween is always like insane partying. I just need to find a costume.</p>

<p>Only having class for X hours each day...you have so much more free time to do things...like sleep and sometimes homework</p>

<p>I don't like anything about my school. The only thing that remotely gives me college life is my frat.</p>

<p>I've gotten to the point to where I like nothing about "school." I'm not a very social person but being social wouldn't make me like school anymore because all it would do is take time away from my work. For some college is the best time of their life. But for me, best times don't include problem sets, lab reports, and exams. After being on my own for an internship this summer, being back in college is not enjoyable. But I better get used to it. 1.5 years of undergrad left, plus a few more for grad school (business or law).</p>

<p>At USC, i really like the sense of community that comes with the pride in our school.</p>

<p>Diversity. I'd be okay without it, but it's amazing to see flyers in the cafeteria telling Ramadan observers to ask the kitchen staff for a special bagged breakfast. It gives me hope that maybe people can get along if they're educated enough. Now that I've got my corniness out...</p>


<p>I don't like diversity on my campus. If you are not a hardcore partier, then you are not welcome! Tell these lames to grab a beer a join the party rather than calling the cops because they can't sleep. I work third shift and come home to locomotive whistles and lawnmowers outside my window. So I do not feel for some idiot who cries when a party is too loud. Go home to your mommy punk!</p>

<p>football games - even though we're bad. and the campus/town is just the quintessential college town.</p>

<p>The girls are hott</p>

<p>cookie_monster: where did that fourm about you having a crush on that chick go? Also, how did that work out?</p>

cookie_monster: where did that fourm about you having a crush on that chick go? Also, how did that work out?


<p>not well at all :( i got over it though :)</p>

<p>Definitely the school spirit, pride, and social atmosphere (football games, parties, etc).</p>

<p>Quaker Basketball is the greatest thing in the entire universe.</p>

<p>My school is 85% males,free education, we're all friends, school spirit too, free food, and getting paid for being here, yow. Also beautiful view and good supply of after school help.</p>

<p>The social life.</p>