Favorite TV Show?

<p>Okay, I'm bored, obviously. But what's everyone favorite tv shows that are on? Mine I would have to say is The Walking Dead. So, your turn!</p>

<p>Can I say more than one?</p>

<p>Secret Circle
New Girl</p>

<p>How I Met Your Mother

<p>Love them both. Friends is my all time favorite, but since it's not running anymore, I didn't put it lol.</p>

<p>oh my goodness, they're both hilarious. I'm only on season 6 of HIMYM though, so I can't watch the new season with everybody else. =/</p>

<p>Arrested Development</p>

<p>you can find it on netflix and it's so funny :)</p>

<p>did you hear they're coming back for another season?!</p>

<p>I really only catch the reruns oh HIMYM. Once though I saw a preview and was so confused about what was going on! Lol. I'm pretty sure it's on every Monday night I think.</p>