Favorite TV show?

<p>Brb, The Office.</p>

<p>bt dubbs, mine is Scrubs.</p>

<p>Don't have a definitive favorite, here are a few I enjoy:</p>

The League
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Office
White Collar
Burn Notice</p>

<p>i like gossip girl but i rarely watch tv</p>

<p>gossip girl was only good the first season. now it's just become so unrealistic (even more so than it was originally) as they keep adding new characters</p>

<p>chace crawford. enough said.</p>

<p>Lost will always be my favorite show. I also enjoy The Office as well, and more recently, Community. I love all their references to pop culture!</p>

<p>@futurexecutive true true and you can't forget ed westwick<3</p>

<p>House M.D.</p>

<p>I love that show (:</p>

<p>Weeds, and How To Make It In America</p>

<p>The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Arrested Development
30 Rock
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia</p>

<p>^ Best list EVER</p>

<p>The Hard Times of RJ Berger
Robot Chicken
The Office</p>

<p>The Office
How I Met Your Mother

<p>The Office
Dhani Travels the Globe
Man vs Food
Criminal Minds</p>

Criminal Minds
and some other British shows</p>

<p>Operation Repo
The Bad Girls Club
You're Cut Off
Pretty Wicked
True Life
The Real World
Price of Beauty
Basketball Wives
Hell's Kitchen
The Jersey Shore</p>

<p>...basically any trashy reality show. In fact, the trashier, the better.
I like to torture my brain cells.</p>

<p>Glee, 30 Rock, Will & Grace.. I need to see some other shows.</p>

<p>Don't have a total "favorite" but these are some that I really like: </p>

So You Think You Can Dance
30 Rock
How I Met Your Mother
Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure!)
America's Next Top Model (really, really, really guilty pleasure!)</p>

<p>anyone watch caprica here?</p>

<p>breaking bad</p>