FB Class of 2016 Official Group

<p>I tried to make a group but it wouldn't let me unless I added friends to it. No one I know is going to FSU so I was unable to go through with the group :( I think it is really important we make one though, so we can remind each other for deposits and etc. Plus it's an awesome way to meet people to room with and get to know people before we all get there. Is anyone else willing to set up the group?</p>

<p>I think this is an excellent idea.</p>

<p>Last year my friend was part of one for her university and everyone who was looking for a room mate posted a video of themselves saying their major, housing pref, name, interests and stuff like that. then they said what they're looking for in a room mate and what they're not looking for. it was such a good idea and now people became best friends with their room mate!</p>

<p>Let's do it!</p>

<p>looks like someone beat you to it - Log</a> In | Facebook</p>

<p>Yay! I'm joining :)</p>

<p>Just asked to join ^^</p>

<p>I'm James Gilmore on it</p>

<p>i asked to join! :)</p>