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My future aspirations are to apply to be an FBI special agent. What are the best degrees to get?

Degree doesn’t really matter, your work experience will matter more. There’s a list of requirements for FBI SAs and you need two years of work experience with a BS, 1 with a MS. Your degree won’t matter if you have LEO experience and it’s from a regionally-accredited university.

So instead of worrying about your degree, worry about building a strong law-enforcement resume.

Better yet, make sure your degree can be a strong backup degree if you wash out of LEO work. It happens to a lot of people.

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High School Students | FBIJOBS says that “we do have specific needs from time to time. Right now, we’re looking for students studying foreign languages, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), finance and accounting.” Of course, the needs at the FBI or other employers can change between now and when you are graduating college.

Undergrad Students | FBIJOBS has more information for college students.

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These aren’t applicable, he specifically wants to be a special agent. SAs have their own set of criteria, and no specific degree pattern is necessary.

No problem. Call your local FBI office and ask if you can speak to a SA or recruiter about it. They should be happy to help if they’re free.

For FBI Special Agents in particular, Special Agents | FBIJOBS lists the following desire skills:

You can’t become a Special Agent until you are 23 years old, so you’ll most likely need to work prior to applying.

Something very important to keep in mind…do not use marijuana of any kind, even if it is legal in your state. Cannabis is currently illegal at the federal level, and that is the standard the FBI uses. It is an automatic disqualifier if you used it up to 3 years prior to your application submission.

Do you have any advice on how to work prior to applying?

The previous advice about law enforcement experience is certainly valid, though that may not be the path for everyone. You may want to consider which branch within the FBI interensts you, then choose a major that would lead to a first job that compliments your intended focus.

Here are the branches:

National Security
Criminal, Cyber, Responce and Services
Science and Technology
Information Technology

You want your work history to demonstrate proficiency concerning their core competencies.

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