February 1st CSS PROFILE Deadline

<p>A few of the schools I'm applying to require the CSS by admitted by February 1st. I was wondering if the Profile had to be submitted by midnight tonight, or if it can be submitted anytime tomorrow. Does it depend entirely on the school?</p>

<p>I would always try to get it done earlier but it should be by end of day on the 1st.</p>

<p>It's also just a priority deadline, not a deadline of we won't give you any money if it isn't in by right this very minute. However, yes, it's advisable to get it in ASAP (by midnight ... probably school time... Feb 1st - not Jan 31st)</p>

<p>From the CSS Profile FAQs:</p>

<p>"Your PROFILE Application will be considered on time if you submit your application by midnight Eastern Time of your earliest priority filing date."</p>

<p>NOTE: "In submitting PROFILE Online, please be aware that the College Board is located in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. If you live on the West Coast of the United States, for example, and submit your application after 9 p.m. on your college's or program's priority filing date, the receipt date will be recorded as the next day, and your application will be considered late by your college or program."</p>

<p>"by midnight Eastern Time of your earliest priority filing date" = tonight?!</p>

<p>That wording is rather ambiguous but i suppose midnight OF the 1st = tonight at midnight, when the clock stricks 12? Or 9 if you're in the west coast like me... in 5 minutes?! I assumed it meant by THE END of the priortity deadline... aka midnight (9pm for me) ON the first, aka tomorrow.</p>

<p>Is that wrong?!? Oh god....</p>

<p>Ugh I have the same problem! I'm going to send it late and call the school's office about it. My dad is reluctant to fill it out because he's too busy with work (I know poor excuse but he won't let me do the CSS myself) so I'm going to send it a few days late. </p>

<p>@icesk8girl You're overthinking it lol just send it asap!!</p>