Federal Income Tax Return for IDOC

<p>Am I supposed to photocopy and send the entire tax return packet?? It has ~20 sheets, which seems excessive.</p>

<p>From IDOC:
"A complete signed copy of your parents' 2011 federal income tax return (or a translated copy of their country's equivalent), including all required Schedules and all Partnership or Corporate returns, is required if your parents filed or will file a tax return for 2011. Do not send tax worksheets unless required for submission to the IRS. Do not send state tax returns or previous years' returns unless you are specifically instructed to. "</p>

<p>Look at the cover sheet. It lists the first 2 pages of the 1040 - and then various schedules. That's what you send. If that 20 pages includes various worksheets and itemizations - you don't need to include those.</p>

<p>My cover letter lists pretty much everything that would be in most returns, and wants you to fill in the oval for what you are actually sending. It doesn't appear to be list of what to send.</p>

<p>And then there's the "Other U.S. tax forms" catch-all, which will pick up everything not specifically called out.</p>

<p>My tax return is 34 pages long this year, I have probably 20 1099s and W2's, with all the other papers required there will probably be close to 70 pages in my packet.</p>


<p>IDOC is picky, so I would err on the side of caution. If it asks for "a complete signed copy" then that's exactly what I would send. It's not like it takes any longer to copy and send 20 pages than it does to send 2.</p>