Federal loan question

<p>I've been having some trouble figuring out my financial aid.
I was accepted to UF for this coming fall and am going to need to take out loans to pay for it. I filled out my FAFSA late by a few weeks and haven't heard back from the school. As this will be a second degree for me I know I do not qualify for scholarships or grants and am just waiting to hear about federal loans. But since I haven't heard anything and my application was late I'm getting nervous, would there be any reason to be denied a federal loan? I've read from some people on here that you sometimes might not hear back about aid until a few weeks prior to the semester. That makes me really nervous, as I have no back up plan. Should I relax and trust that my aid will come through or not?</p>

<p>Is this a second bachelor's degree?</p>

<p>Did you already borrow for your first degree? </p>

<p>If so, you may have already exceeded (or near exceeded ) the total you can borrow for undergrad degrees.</p>

<p>There is an increased amount for grad degrees.</p>

<p>Nope I didn't have to borrow anything for my first bachelor's, used bright futures. But now that's gone and I will have to take out loans for the first time. The program I'm going into is for a second BS degree.</p>

<p>Contact them to find out if they are waiting for something from you.</p>

<p>Thanks. I called them today and finally got through. He said the only reason someone is denied federal loans is if they are over the limit.</p>