Federal Work-Study Question

<p>At first, I thought that every student with Work-Study would be guaranteed position as a student-worker, but I see that is not the case!
I submited several cover letters & resumes and was wondering, do employers contact you right away? How long should I wait before applying elsewhere/contacting them?</p>


<p>There’s not enough jobs on campus for everyone who applies, so many people don’t get hired. Upperclassmen (who generally have more job experience and technical skills) often apply for jobs months in advance - I sent out resumes in March to get my Fall gig. So as a freshmen you’re a bit disadvantaged and applying late in the game. </p>

<p>Feel free to apply elsewhere while you’re waiting to hear back, never hurts to have more options. I’d refrain from calling them though. If I don’t hear back within 2 weeks I assume I didn’t get hired, no big deal, but I send out a bunch of resumes at once so I always hear back from at least one place. An off-campus job is a good option too; local restaurants, stores, etc.</p>

<p>People who apply first have a huge advantage. In all of the campus jobs I’ve had, I felt the main reason I got it is because as soon as the job is posted on CareerNet, I send in my resume quickly. So keep checking CareerNet because new postings go up everyday.</p>

<p>I am a graduate student with a FWS. I have applied for like 10 jobs this summer and havent heard back from a single one. I have a huge amount of job experience. I havent heard from back any jobs yet. I heard from most students that people usually get hired for job studies in August or September. I also heard that the most jobs are posted in August. Most jobs posted in March are for the summer, not fall. You are not behind, most students wont start applying for jobs until August/Sept. I really hope I get a job because graduate students not only get paid an hourly wage but we get a couple thousant dollars off of our tuition! Good luck to you!!! I check the careernet website every couple days and apply for jobs I am qualified for. Eventually we will have to get a call back (I hope)!</p>

<p>oh geez. this is very difficult.
I have one more question! If it says, desired sophomore, junior on CareerNet -does that mean freshmen are definitely not accepted?</p>

<p>Thanks once again.</p>

<p>This is a little discouraging. When I spoke to the people at the Bursar office, they told me I couldn’t send in anything to apply for work study until all of my payments were cleared in August.</p>

<p>If the FWS says ‘desired sophmore, junior’ that just means they prefer a sophmore or junior but a freshman can still apply. If you are a freshman with a large amount of experience or seem perfect for the position they make hire you. Most likely not though because it would seem that they want a student with experient balancing classes and work.</p>


I don’t know, because they need people to be working in the library, bookstore, offices, ITS labs, etc, by the time college starts. For every on-campus job I’ve had (all office assistant jobs) they’ve asked me to start working right away at the beginning of the semester and the other FWS students I’ve worked with were also hired in advance (over the summer or previous semester) to be ready to start work in the Fall. But keep in mind this may be since I work in a really busy office (not gonna say which one because I’d lose my anonymity) and they need to be staffed by Sept, when the office is really hectic. </p>

<p>To clarify, I did get hired pretty early (March) because they needed me to start in August rather than Sept.</p>

<p>Sorry to bother again, but the employers will contact the student through the NYU email, correct?</p>