fee waiver request

<p>if a counselor writes a fee waiver request letter... what should it look like?
I simply cannot afford paying application fees for all these colleges i'm applying to. (on top of the fact that i'm paying around 30 dollars for registered mail for EACH college coz im international and SAT sittings and sending scores etc etc etc)</p>

<p>So what do they look like?</p>

<p>I wrote a letter explaining my income, where I live, why I want to go to the school, and what I can offer.</p>

<p>be ready to provide records if asked.</p>

<p>You may have to trim down your list as the application fees are just the tip of the iceber when it comes to going to college. </p>

<p>Remember most colleges are not need blind to international students so your ability to pay is going to be a factor in admissions aand the schools will require documentation on how will you pay if admitted (because with the exception of the really deep pocket schools which are amongst the most selective) there is very limited aid for international students.</p>

<p>so what should it look like?</p>