Feedback from Current Students

<p>Now the UCM has been open for two years, I would like to hear some comments from current students:</p>

<p>-Quality of academic experience. Are profs accessible? Are courses engaging?
Ease of getting classes etc.
-Social experience. Feeling of community in dorms. Anything happening on weekends? Is campus so dead you need a car to escape?
-Student activities. College theater. Newspaper. Opportunities to play and hear music.</p>

<p>UCM could be a great experience, a small liberal arts college feel within the UC system, but does it fulfill that role?</p>

<p>I plan to attend UC Merced in Fall 2007
What I think is a major plus of UC Merced is that it will be quite possible to obtain a 3.8-4.0 (im going to grad school) I think UC Merced has the least amount of competition of all UC's?
With that said, I LOVE and I mean LOVE the fact that it is the only UC where students can actually ask profs to meet them in the libary for extra help ect....try doing that at UC Berkeley ;)
But im on the share experience program ---->either Cal or UCLA, But, I am actually happy to go to Merced (i have lost that prestige whore once inside me)....
as for social life I'm sorry to say it, but thats one area Merced is lacking in</p>