Feedback on ECs for Harvard

I am currently a while off from applying to college (hs freshman), but I wondered if anyone could provide some feedback/analysis on my current/expected ECs by the time I apply? I am a UK applicant hoping to apply to Harvard along with other Ivy+ colleges. My school is highly ranked, so these positions are competitive/popular


- Head of Model UN 
- Head of Debating club
- Head of national economics student non-profit with over 1000 members
- Head of economics club
- Winner of 10+ awards for MUN/debate, ranging from national qualification to #1 conference ranking for category etc
- Grade 8 (1-8 ranking) public speaking (highest qualification)
- Decent fencing ability, but not varsity
- Senior in student government (there is no class president)

I have no grades yet, but I am expecting to do well in our national exams, as well as the SATs (maybe 1550-1580 range?)



Think about this: a school club will be a school club in most high schools. So head of the debate club, for example, means there are conservatively 10,000 other kids who are head of the debate club out there. Same with model UN. Same with fencers who aren’t at a recruitable level.

There is no definite, or even likely, route to Ivy admission, unless you are a recruited athlete or have done something on the national stage like David Hogg, or Malala (I know she didn’t go to the Ivy league – but she could have!).

Lots of kids get into these schools without national level achievements, but their path is much less certain. I would say, think outside of the box. Do something where you aren’t one of tens of thousands with similar achievements.

Now, all that said, I express no opinion on the international nature of your application or the wisdom of focusing on the ivy league as a freshman.

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.