Feedback on Salisbury

<p>Not a very active forum - but I'll try. If anyone is reading this who attends Salisbury or has a student there - I would appreciate some current feedback on the school. Your likes and dislikes? Is it a fun place to attend college in terms of school spirit, attending sports events and so forth? How about the business program? I see a wonderful new facility is almost complete - any thoughts there? I'm interested in learning more about Salisbury for my son who will be a hs junior this year and we are in-state. Thanks.</p>

<p>Still interested in some opinions on Salisbury.</p>

I see yours is an old post, so I'm curious. What was your final decision regarding Salisbury? Did your son attend there?</p>

<p>My goodness - I actually had stopped checking this thread as no one seems to post here! My son is a junior and at this point - I do not think he will be applying. Towson seems to have more to do and I think fits him better as a safety school.</p>