Feedback on School List

Given the state of the world and that while we have a plethora of online information to review on schools, we are likely not going to be able to visit all of the schools on our current list. Would really appreciate any feedback on the good/bad/unconsidered aspects of all of these schools. Culture, community, sports, happiness of students are the parts we can’t see when visiting a school without students on campus.
A bit about our DD:

  • applying for 9th, Full pay
  • coming from LDS, A/B student, not interested in all girls
  • needs some learning support
  • very athletic (basketball, lax, soccer)

Our current list is as follows:
Berkshire, Tabor, Millbrook, Suffield, Pomfret, Williston northampton

Have you spoken to the coaches of the sport most important to her at all these schools? I ask because I know kids who went to a school and that school was so good in their sport that they sat on the bench and ended up transferring to get playing time. Just wondering how important the sports aspect is for your daughter?

You are in the right place and I love what I’ve read about a number of schools on your list. Your post is full of some important and really big questions. My suggestion is to settle in and search on each school here and see what you can glean from the many many rabbit holes your search will surely present. Then you might be able to have some specific questions, which might yield some more fruitful results. There’s definitely a ton of info here on these schools — I’ll bet you could get a really big chunk of your questions answered yourself with a few cups of coffee, a computer and a few hours (days?) to fritter away to that search bar!

I think that it is very important to understand the culture of each school. This aspect is often the most difficult to ascertain, in my opinion.

Very good point that we are also trying to juggle. She definitely wants to get playing time (at least as she gets older) and may be a concern for at least one of her sports. She’s spoken to a few coaches which has been helpful. No spring and fall seasons makes it a little harder to judge the teams successes, but some do have a few years posted on their websites.