Feedback on school

Hi -

Just looking for anyone with feedback on this school. It really seems to be growing and with 5000+ enrolled I am surprised not to see more activity on here. My daughter loved it when we toured and we are anxious to see the new health building when it opens in the fall.


Hi Kchamp,
What type of feedback are you looking for? My daughter is a sophomore and loves it. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thanks ShepMom! Glad to hear she loves it!

A couple questions are do most kids stay on campus for the weekends and is the Greek Life a big part of the school? Do you think school spirit is good - like kids go to athletic games, participate in on-campus activities?

My daughter really liked the tour guide because she seemed friendly and as my daughter said, someone she could be friends with - that can make such a difference touring. It seems like a good size - lots of people to meet but manageable classes and campus size.

I have the same impression kchamp. It seems to be growing. I stumbled upon the school really - after a college tour of schools in NY we were on our way home. We passed a SHU sign and decided to pop in. What a nice surprise. The school spirit was evident - lots of SHU stuff, tons of kids around (parents too, there was a football game) It’s not Brick and Ivy, but the campus seemed inviting with a good connection between buildings (some modernish campuses seem isolating to me - not here) In the Boston area, kids going Catholic out of state tend to head to PC or Fairfield. But in the past few years I’ve heard more and more about SHU - one of my daughters friends is deciding between PC and SHU this week! Also, a girl my daughter knows is a junior and in a sorority. From what I understand there are no Greek houses, the sorority is more like a service organization (maybe thats why the uni has a Greek page on the website!) My daughter is a junior and is very interested, we will get down to see it soon!