Feedback, PLEASE?

<p>Hi. Im currently a junior in highschool, and ive been enrolled in private online school since 9th grade. I usually do 9+ hours a day of school work everyday, my school requires a lot of reading because im self-taught so that usually takes a lot of my time. For 10th grade i worked as a full time nanny/babysitter for 8 months. And then for the summer i volunteered/assisted in a oral surgery office. I have not done any extra curricular activities (i know is bad) because i also babysit my young siblings everyday afterschool and also due to the fact that i do online school, and the area i live in is pretty bad. I have a gpa of 3.38 not including 11th or 12th. I have scored a composite of 29 on practice act. (i will be taking the actual test in april) NYU is my top choice, and i really want to get your input on my overall report. what would you recommend to imrpove my chances of acceptance? Thank you.</p>

<p>Colleges that care about ECs will view your employment and family commitment favorably. You don’t need to shut down your life to join some sport or half-baked HS club. Colleges firmly are aware of this. Your GPA needs to significantly improve as you wade into your tougher Jr and Sr year schedules too. Frankly, you might want to shed some of your work if at all possible. They may be detracting from your GPA – the single most important factor in colleges’ accepting you.</p>

<p>The issue of NYU is terrible FinAid and your GPA. Your list of target schools should include affordable ones. Continue your ACT prep. Consider looking into Questbridge if your family income situation qualifies you – they’re a great option (but requires work on your part).</p>

<p>Yes during my sophomore year while i was working my grades dropped, exactly why i decided for 11th to focus on school. Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely check out Questbridge. </p>