Feedback Regarding Academics - Applying to Highly Selective Schools

I am a rising high school junior and wanted to get some feedback on my academic credentials in preparation for applications to high selective institutions (e.g. Ivies, CMC, USC, Caltech, Williams, Amherst).

I will end up completing 4 IB courses and exams (HL Physics and SL Spanish, Geography, Language/Literature) and will be taking the first year of HL Math with the AP Calculus exam. I will also be completing AP courses and exams in US History and Statistics.

My current GPA is 4.0 unweighted, 4.1 weighted. Hopefully, my weighted GPA will increase somewhat significantly with mostly IB/AP courses coming up.

My realistic goal for standardized tests is 1500+ SAT and 34+ ACT.

  • Is doing 4 or 5 IB classes and 2 AP classes like I'm doing inferior to if I had taken the full IB Diploma from an admissions perspective?
  • Will it negatively affect me that I don't have HLs in core subjects (math, english, history)?
  • What are my overall chances at highly selective institutions with these credentials? (I know extracurriculars, letters of rec, etc. are important, but want to focus on academics in this post)

Thank you all so much! I will greatly appreciate the feedback I get. It will help me have a good idea of how realistic it is for me to strive for these highly selective schools.

It’s too soon to speculate, and ultimately the bank account wins in the end. The major matters a lot more than the school you go to. A business degree at a nearby state university is a lot more likely to land you a job than a Liberal Studies degree at NYU. Also, scholarships are a far better deal than a prestigious school.