Feeling a Little Anxious

<p>My last semester at my school didn't go too well. I admit I took harder classes than I should have for my last semester in HS and my grades suffered, now it appears as though I may have my admission possibly rescinded.</p>

<p>Keep in mind I attend at early college, my school doesnt offer AP/IB, and all of my classes my senior year were college classes.</p>

<p>My grades:</p>

<p>English 120(essentially college level english 2) : A
General Biology: B
Statistics: B
Economics 212(intro econ basically): C
Intro to American Government: C</p>

<p>This adds up to a 2.8 unweighted GPA for my final semester.</p>

<p>They werent what I had hoped for but I didnt know that getting two Cs would put me in jeopardy of getting kicked out of UNC before I even started. I have a ton of college leve experience considering Ive been taking college classes since my sophomore year of HS and have accumulated 59 college credits already. College course total GPA was 3.3</p>

<p>I sent my email in and I thought it was very good. Talked about how I may have overdone it with classes for my final semester, but I wanted to take as many classes as I could before attending UNC so my credits would transfer over and I wouldnt have to take them at UNC, instead focusing more on my intended major.</p>

<p>What do you guys think? Am I at serious risk? Or is this just kind of standard procedure to make sure I still have a high achieving mindset once I get to UNC?</p>

<p>It's good that you're approaching this head-on and being proactive about contacting UNC. You may have to offer to be on academic probation during your first term/year at UNC, but I'd just wait it out and see. There are lots of threads here at CC about this type of situation with tons of really good advice.</p>