Feeling a little crushed?

Hi guys International student here and I got my decision from St.olaf today saying I’ve been waitlisted. I feel really sad because I know waitlists are a long shot and they were my top choice during regular applications tbh. I checked previous CC threads and it turns out most people waitlisted asked for a lot ofaid. My EFC was 16k , I think it’s more than what many intls can afford. Sometimes they’ve taken 100 kids off WL and sometimes just 1. Do you guys have any advice on what I should do to increase my chances of getting off the WL?

Aw I’m sorry you got waitlisted. From what I read here on CC, you should write a letter of continued interest (“If you accepted me I would go”).

Be sure to demonstrate continued interested. Let the school know you will attend if accepted. I bet you’ll get good news! Hang in there!

You may have been placed on the waitlist due to a depletion of financial aid funds. If so, the key to getting off of the waitlist is availability of funds.

A friend of mine got off the waitlist at Dickinson when he told them he’d pay more and they told him exactly how much more to pay for them. I’d be willing to do that for Olaf but I don’t know at how much they’d be willing to offer a place

Did you ask for financial aid?

If you write a letter of continuing interest you CAN’T say if you accept me I would go as suggested in post #1. You need sufficient financial aid to attend. You can write a letter of continued interest but you would need to say “If I was accepted and given sufficient financial aid I would attend.”

Agree with @Publisher – you chance of getting off the waitlist is likely tied to the availability of funds for international students.

I’m sorry you were waitlisted. But the good news is you have some affordable options, correct?

Yes I already got into the College of Wooster and it’s affordable. This morning denison waitlisted me as well. Not sure why I’m getting waitlisted so much lol maybe they’re trying to protect yield. I’ll send them both LOCIs and move on

Most likely you are being waitlisted because you are an international student in need of substantial financial aid and there are not adequate funds available.

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St Olaf is now accepting applications. How did waitlist turn out for you?

They did not get back to me on that. They said they’d let me know if they’d accept people off the waitlist. I’ll check my portal.