feeling at home while away at college

<p>What are some colleges who have features like big dorms, edible dining hall food, generally nice people, etc. to make the dorming expirence all that much better??</p>

<p>This is a really general question and it obviously depends on the person. However, Boston University does meet two of those qualities--Warren Towers has 1800 students (mostly freshmen) and the dining hall is actually pretty good! But I'm pretty biased, since I go there.</p>

<p>Smith College. The dorms and bathrooms are gorgeous. They're actually houses.</p>


<p>I saw some of the BU dorms, they were mega small. I love BU, buy my friends and I think that they are the worst dorms we have seen (besides the brownstones of course).
We visited over the summer, were they doing renovations or something? Because the place had makeshift walls all over....</p>

<p>The school is amazing though!!!</p>

<p>I mean, many college dorm rooms are really small. You get used to it. I don't think they're any smaller than those of my friends that I have seen. And yeah, they do renovations on a lot of them during the summer, so probably.
Plus, the the housing gets better as you get older. You can't really expect a palace, it's college.
To be honest, my dorm room wasn't amazing, but the opportunities it gave me to meet people were way better than the living space, and that's what mattered in the end.</p>