Feeling very insecure..Help?

<p>I got into Pomona College early decision through a program known as Questbridge. I loved the school so much- top notch academics, amazing location, friendly and well-rounded students, beautiful campus, the consortium, and the balanced social life(not too much, but not too secluded either). I liked it over the other LACs because it seemed to have the best sense of balance among them thanks to the Claremont Colleges. It felt like a perfect school and going on the fall weekend only confirmed it. Finding out I got a full ride to my dream school was the best feeling in the world.</p>

<p>Sadly though, it seems that no one knows about Pomona. I live in Houston. Teachers in my school found out I got the full ride and asked "To where?". When I said Pomona, they gave me a blank look. One teacher "knew" about it but only said, Oh it's in the city of Pomona right[A reference to Cal Poly Pomona]? I also do a internship program at Rice University. I was often asked, "So, are you considering Rice for undergrad?" When I told them "Oh..not for undergrad. I already got into a school early decision" and they asked where?, I only got blank stares when I said Pomona. No one at my family's vicinity knows about the school.</p>

<p>I am honored to be admitted into such a selective and academically top-notch college. But I keep having "buyer's remorse" in thinking that thinking the lack of name recognition will harm me in the long run. Initially I didn't consider prestige a factor, but now that I with my own eyes see it I am really worried.</p>

<p>Anyone who has thoroughly researched colleges the way I have knows that Pomona is an amazing college. You should be glad you got in there. Don't worry about the 'lack of name.'</p>

<p>Nonono Pomona's got name recognition, just maybe not where you are. If you are Questbridge, your local high school might not be so amazing? If it doesn't send a lot of students out of state/to top colleges generally, Pomona's not one of the out of state schools the people associated with your high school are most likely to have heard of. When you graduate from college and go to work in the circles for which a degree from Pomona will equip you, most (though not all) people will have heard of it.</p>

<p>Also, I think Texas can be particularly insular about colleges, since fewer people there go out of state. So UChicago is one of the top ten colleges in the country, right? And its law school is in the top five? One of my cousins spent a summer at a Texas firm during law school like three years ago; a senior partner took him out to lunch, and asked him where he was at school. "UChicago," he said. "Oh! How wonderful. I love it when top-performing interns come from low-ranked catholic schools like that. Diversity is great," said the senior partner. WOMP. It happens. Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>CONGRATULATIONS! What a great accomplishment. Pomona is an outstanding school. Perhaps it doesn't have the name recognition in TX that you would like, but anyone who has looked at colleges and every grad school will know of and be impressed by Pomona. Try not to worry so much about what others think. Just tell people I'm was accepted to to Pomona College in California, it is one of the top small liberal arts schools in the country and I'm very excited to be going there. I'm not big on rankings but it if it helps it is ranked as the 4th best liberal arts colleges in the US -- you should have no buyers remorse.
<a href="http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-liberal-arts-colleges%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-liberal-arts-colleges&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Congratulations, and rest assured that you've been admitted to a top-notch school. The general public may not know about it but, believe me, employers and grad schools do. :)</p>

<p>^ I agree with LasMa.</p>

<p>Congrats on Pomona - you are so very fortunate! In less than a year from now, you will be meeting lots of students who turned down Rice, Ivies and many other top schools to attend Pomona. (Our friend's daughter did exactly that - and Rice would have been half the cost of Pomona for her.)</p>