Feiertag Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Pamplin)

Are there any current VT Hospitality and Tourism Management students, parents or applicants out there? Opinions on the Feiertag HTM department at Pamplin College of Business? Would love more info please, thanks!

Our daughter is a junior in the program. She is happy with the department and her major but found some classes very challenging. It’s not a walk through the park for sure. She has been on one internship and is hoping to study abroad in Spring 2022 since this year was cancelled. I hear that their placement rate after graduation is very high and hopefully that will continue despite Covid

Thank you so much for your reply. I do hope your D can go abroad after having her trip cancelled. My D is excited to have a chance to study in Europe. Do you happen to know which countries are available to HTM majors? Also, how easy/difficult was it for your D to find an internship and was the school helpful with that process?

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I have seen a lot of HTM majors working internships at the Blackburg various hotels. VT also owns the Inn at Virginia Tech and Hotel Roanoke (both conference centers) as another pathway for a lot of internships.


There are two types of study abroad through Pamplin that I know of but there may be more. The Exchange program is more affordable and is open to HTM but I think is limited to Spain. Then there are many study abroad opportunities that tie into the degree requirements through Pamplin. Most of them are
semester long or as short as two weeks. For HTM in particular I only saw a two week faculty led trip in that category to the Dominican Republic if memory serves, but we found with the semester long Prague program she could also obtain a minor in international business. She is going to do both trips. She chose Prague because of the amount of units she would acquire and the travel opportunities connected with it. But there are many others it just depends on the direction they choose to go with their degree. An advisor will help and encourage your student once they connect but they should watch on social media and around campus as the Study Abroad Dept holds meetings in the year to explain how to do it and what they are about.

As for internships it is supposed to be pretty easy to get them. Her freshman year she took an offer right off the bat to The Roaring Gap in North Carolina. This year has been difficult. She doesn’t need another internship but because of Covid it seems the competition is high. Marriott said they have to hire last year’s students first because their internship was cancelled last summer. So we have been looking outside on Indeed and other websites. She has applied to quite a few but hasn’t heard from any yet. Hopefully she will find something but she can also work more hours at the Hotel in BBurg that she works at. She just wants to do something new.
I am sure once everything opens up again that the opportunities will be plentiful :slight_smile:

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Thank you - very helpful info!

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