Fellows Decisions

Does anyone know when the Fellowships decisions are going to be sent out and through what medium? (Portal, email, letter, etc.)

The VP of Admissions said during his remarks they hope to have them posted in two weeks, and definitely by 4/1.

Does anyone know if we could hear tomorrow?

I just heard because I got accepted into two programs and had to choose! Everyone else will hear after the others who must choose have decided. Sometime after monday morning

So did my d!

How did the two of you hear back? Email? Snail mail? And which two fellowships did you apply to?

BTW Congrats!!!

D got an email Sat morning. She applied for Honors and the College Fellows programs.

Has anyone heard back about communications fellows yet?

No word yet about communications fellows. Keep us posted!

Anyone heard back on fellows decisions? My D is waiting the hear about the Leadership fellows. No word yet.

@Dungareedoll I heard via email. I was accepted into college and honors as well, and have chosen honors! My friend, who only applied for business, called and admissions told her that all other acceptances will be given out on April 1st. Hope this helps!!

Yes, thank you very much for the info! Good to know decisions should come out April 1st.