Fellows Weekend for the Class of 2024

No one else has seemed to start a conversation or a thread about the actual event that is happening this weekend so I am opening up this space for anyone who wants to talk.

I am a sophomore communications fellow and can try to answer any questions that people may have. I am not part of the university or claim to know the entire inner workings of the programs but I can offer my thoughts and advice if wanted and I’m sure there are other fellows on this site that can join in and help everyone out as well. Mostly this can just be a thread for you all to talk to each and share your thoughts before you all arrive on campus.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

We’re heading up on Thurs & looking forward to the weekend!

@JustHelpingOut20 Thanks for your offer of help! My D is most interested in finding out more about the class/essay part of the weekend. Any insight on that? My question is how many professors from the relevant departments are there at the reception or other times during the weekend. My D is interested in economics and is hoping to be a Business Fellows. Do you think a lot of the economics profs will be there? Thanks again!! I hear most Fellows weekends are rainy – looks like this weekend will be much nicer!

@onemoremom12 As much as it seems contrary to what you might think, I would say that the essay, for me at least, was the least stressful part of the weekend. (Well, it was stressful before I knew what it was but would have been less stressful if I knew what it was.)

From what I know of the essay, the goal of the entire exercise is to just see how you interact as a student and how well you can take in and understand new information. The essay is a random topic that you are not expected to know anything about. My essay was on disabilities in the modern age, something I knew nothing about, and the other students who were in the class with me all had different levels of knowledge but when it came time to actually write the essay it was on the information we had just gone over. As long as your D comes into the essay period ready to learn and engage in the class she will do fine.

In terms of the reception, at least in the Comm School, a good amount of professors are there. I remember talking to quite a few professors during the reception, most of which I have real relationships with now. Obviously, not every professor is going to be there but there will definitely be some to talk to. They all take pride in talking to students and having a say on the students they really liked. My advice though wouldn’t be to focus too much on the economics professors. Get to know professors across the different majors and also talk to some students. Don’t get too locked into talking to one group of people, be it, students or professors, use the reception as a time to get your name out there but also as a time to learn as much as you can. This is the most hands-on tour you can get. Also, let your D roam on her own. You can use this as a time for both of you to focus on and learn the things that you each want to know, but let her appear confident on her own.

But at the same time, make sure she finds and establishes a relationship with whichever professor is going to be giving her the interview. They most likely won’t be an economics professor which is one of the reasons I say not to focus only on economics professors.

Thank you!!

How do you know which professor is going to be giving you the interview? We have not been given any information about the interview yet, including the time or location, etc.

@Northeast02 All of that information will be in a packet you pick up when you first check-in. There will also be very minimal information on the essay. They just give you the title of the class and then where and when it will be.

Stop by the William R. Kenan Honors Pavilion on Saturday for the reception. Say hi to my son, Nick, he’ll be the house RA next year! Good luck to all! Any questions ask away. Always happy to help.

My D is unable to attend the Business Fellows session this weekend. Can you tell me how many students have shown up to compete for the Business Fellows positions?

I think I heard there are either 110 or 120 students competing for Business Fellows. They will invite 50, with the expectation that 30 will accept. Not all could come this weekend so other interviews are being done by Skype.

thanks so much for your reply.

Great weekend, well organized! Very impressed with the attitude from the faculty & students and felt very welcomed (and wanted!). Just to report some #'s that I heard: over >15K Elon applications for only ~ 1,725 expected freshmen enrollment. 2,500 fellows applications, 650 invited to the Fellows & Engineering weekend for 220 awards (to be notified 4/1). Average SAT 1440, ACT 31 and gpa 4.3? maybe (something my pen died). & $600 million in campus development projects in the past 10 years. Good Luck to all!

We are a little concerned…turns out the reference my D turned in for Honors consideration was never contacted. Did anyone else check with their reference to see if they filled theirs out? Yikes this doesn’t bode well for an Honors acceptance.

My D stayed on top of this and kept reaching out to Admissions since her reference hadn’t received the email. She got an email back before the F&E weekend that the reference provided as part of her application was sufficient.

Has any gotten acceptances to the Business Fellows yet?

@Northeast02 I am also waiting. But I think we will all find out the same time.

Was hoping not to have to wait until April 1! Good luck!

Did anyone else hear anything about being selected for Fellows?

@2020hannah Nothing here, but my DD was applying to just one program. I’m guessing there were some who received word that they were selected for two and had to make a choice. Other decisions out next week.

Has anyone heard anything about when decisions will be released?