Fellows Weekend

What were everyone’s thoughts on the weekend? Somewhere online it said they would hear on the 10th but in person, the response was By April 1st. Good luck to all. Seemed like a fantastic opportunity.

I thought it was a very well-run weekend of activities and of course the beautiful weather helped. We spoke to students who are both Fellows and non-Fellows and everyone seemed very pleased with their experience. Faculty and administrators were very welcoming. I thought the campus vibe was relaxed and the dorms were especially nice.

My daughter absolutely loved the weekend and I believe she wants to attend even more now than she did before. Her father brought her and he was incredibly impressed as well. Very organized and well run. The only negative thing I heard from them was that the food was not very good.

We also were disappointed in the food. Do you know which dining hall they ate at? We went to Clohan for the pizza and burgers and both were terrible. My son was hoping to live on that so it actually could be a problem. We were hoping it was just that dining hall, although they don’t seem to have a grill in the others.

I think they ate at McEwen. I heard from some current students that they look over all the menus everyday before picking where to eat b/c I guess the food in general is only fair. But the students did say they are working on it!

Has anyone heard anything yet from the fellows programs? We haven’t… the waiting is torture!

I thought they said April 1. Don’t know if it varies by program.

True that they did say by April 1st, but the wait is strange in that all the information that is new was the interview during Fellow’s weekend! Maybe today will be the day! If not, maybe it will go all the way until the 31st.

I agree… We really thought we’d have heard something by now. The waiting is soooo hard!! I sure hope today is the day!!

I have to think they are down to the wire. I would like to assume no later than Tuesday the 29th.

Yes, probably today or tomorrow. My daughter heard that people who were offered two different fellows were notified on Friday and had to let them know their pick by Monday (not sure end of day or start) so my guess is the rest of them will hear today or tomorrow. Mine is waiting patiently to hear about business!

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Yes, my daughter received an email late Friday telling her she had been chosen by both fellows programs that she had interviewed with. She was told she had until 5pm today to let them know which one she was choosing. She already knew which one she preferred and quickly gave them her answer Friday night.

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CONGRATULATIONS to you and your daughter!! Very happy for you. I hope to have some wonderful news like this for my daughter as well!!! Would you mind sharing which programs she was offered a spot in, and which one did she choose?

Which fellows programs did she interview for?

Did you guys hear anything yet? My daughter hasn’t heard yet… she applied for college fellows and honors fellows but only got an interview for honors. What did you child interview for?

My daughter interviewed with Leadership and Communications. I assume the reason she heard early was because she was chosen for both and they needed her to tell them which one she preferred. She chose Communications. We are so excited! Keeping my fingers crossed that those who are still waiting hear some good news soon.


Which email were they notified with? Personal or Elon email?

Congratulations to your daughter! Thank you for sharing!

According to an email, fellows decisions will be officially released tomorrow (Wednesday).

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Did you daughter/son receive that email? We didn’t get an email at all. So much anxiety in my house.

This wasn’t a mass email. Like others, my kid had two offers from which to choose. Elon acknowledged the choice in an email and said the official announcement was tomorrow. To be clear, no one should expect to receive an email–the absence of an email means nothing. I hope this reduces anxiety, at least to the extent that I may have raised it with my previous post. Good luck to everyone!