Female applying to Virginia Tech General Engineering?

I’m a female, from central Virginia with a 3.9 weighted gpa, (but a 4.0 math gpa).
My SAT was trash with a 970 (1600 scale).

2 APs - APUSH, Gov
My school offers about 5

I’m in lots of extracurriculars, marching band, symphonic band, national BETA club, YADAPP. etc.
I’m a section leader, first chair, Honor Roll every year, etc

Obviously if I was a male I wouldn’t get in, but because I’m a female would this give me enough of an edge?

Legacy: Father!

Play around with this tool.


Under “level of detail” select “college.” Under “college” select “engineering.” For major select “general engineering” I plugged in Gen Engineering and it looks like most females in the class entering in 2015 had about a 1300 SAT, M+CR. 23.7% of the class is female. They do count the Writing part of the SAT. Where admission is broken down by gender, the females have higher SATs than the males. I don’t think legacy at state schools counts as much as you hope.

You could try to get in University Studies and then take lower level engineering classes at the CC in Blacksburg. You can then change your major to engineering. There are threads in the Virginia Tech forum here on how to do it. There are also a lot of majors that require lower SAT scores. You are a good student and that should be the better predictor of your success. Good luck!

Being a female in engineering isnt that unique anymore. You wont have too much of an advantage over males. Could you go into more detail about your ECs? And you definitely need to raise that SAT score