Female in Engineering- my chances?

<p>So, here I am again, with completed applications in hand, giving my choices one last thought before they get mailed.</p>

<p>Here are some stats:
ACT: 28
SAT: took the Oct 9th test, am waiting... painfully... til Friday
GPA: 4.5 weighted, 3.94 unweighted
Rank: 4 out of ~350 in class
Relatively difficult courses(incl classes during senior year which I plan to take)
5 math(through AP Calc),
4 english(2 AP), 5 science(1 AP),
4 history(2 AP), 2 computer programming,
3 foreign language(latin 1,2, german 1/2),
2 arts(1 AP), and various other electives.<br>
Also taking classes at college where I have a math, economics, and phys ed course, and planning on another econ and possible english.</p>

<p>white female. </p>

<p>Extracurriculars: partial list (things which I've done for more than two years)</p>

<p>Student Liaison to the board of education(which also includes top SGA position at school, member of county SGA board)
National Honors Society
Key Club Vice President
National art honors society member
softball & fieldhockey (1yr varsity, 2yr JV)
assistant coach on adult community softball team
many hours of volunteer work with a disabled softball team
employed at local gym ~3 days a week
mock trial member
captain of computer programming team</p>


<p>Where I'd like to apply: (as a civil/environmental engineering major)</p>

University of South Carolina
University of Miami (FL)
University of Maryland (instate)</p>

<p>What I consider my chances to be:
Northeastern (match)
University of South Carolina (safety)
Lehigh (reach)
Lafayette (reach)
University of Miami (FL) (match)
University of Maryland (instate) (safety)</p>

<p>So, what do you think? </p>

<p>Any others I should look at? The big thing for me is the availability of merit/aid money... My parents have money but will not spend it on my education.</p>

<p>With your class rank, Lehigh and Lafayette are hardly reaches... I would call them a match (and would elevate UMCP from safety to match, unless you score well in the SATs). </p>

<p>Why South Carolina but not Clemson? Clemson is much more engineering-oriented than USC. My son is a freshman at Clemson, having turned down UMCP.</p>

<p>Check out Virginia Tech too. If your SAT scores come in high, consider UVA.</p>

<p>Frankly, I believe you have a high probability of being admitted to all of those and none should be considered a reach; and the ones you have listed as matches are much closer to safeties. Your class rank/GPA is very high and in the top 5% of admittees to all those schools; your test score is better than average for them. In engineering, you also have a plus because all those consider females to be URM's for engineering.</p>

<p>Some others where you could potentially qualify for merit aid, although for that purpose it would help to get the test score up: Rose-Hulman; Olin College of Engineering (all admitted pay no tuition), Bradley, Cooper Union (no tuition for all admitted), Case-Western.</p>

<p>I think I've responded to this before, but I picked USC over Clemson because of the availability of merit aid and compactness of the campus. I visited both, <em>moderately</em> liked both, but could only choose one. My top choice so far is either Lafayette or Miami... which ever gives me more aid is where I'll probably go. Also, I'm not sure if I should apply to UM College Park or Baltimore... I hate College Park's campus but I don't like how Baltimore is such a commuter school.</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about Syracuse? Thoughts about it?</p>

<p>THANKS! :)</p>


<p>Of the schools on your list, Lehigh, IMO, has the best engineering programs...especially for civil. You really need to visit before making a choice.</p>

<p>I've visited and loved it but do I really need a top notch program? I don't think I do. Actually, the only thing I could find wrong with Lehigh was the TAs... most schools have them but I still think its a bad thing. Do you think I'll get in?</p>

<p>You might want to consider adding RPI to your list. My daughter chose to attend as a freshman this year as a BME. She loves it! She was a bit skeptical/nervous with her decision this past summer but now knows it was the right one. She received a 28 on her ACT and 1310 on SAT. Her final rank was 28th out of 486. You mentioned the desire for Merit Aid. She received over $21K/yr in Merit (not grants, fed aid, whatever) with no minimum GPA requirement. Yes, the ratio of M/F is disproportionate but she has not felt this to be an issue....In fact, it's worked out to her favor for now. She passed on Case, URoch, BU, Pitt, and Drexel. Good luck!</p>

<p>Yes, I think you'll get in to Lehigh...you have great grades and a wonderful class rank with a difficult course load. I'm not sure what you mean "do you need a top notch program?" </p>

<p>Only you can answer that question....Based upon what you've accomplished so far, I don't see why not.</p>

<p>BTW...about TAs...you'll find them at many top schools. I was one at MIT!</p>

<p>A little update, I just got my -official- transcripts and I am actually 5th. It kind of angers me because I am in the 3rd position but we have 7 people which are in the top 3 positions. They used SAT/ACT scores to determine who went where, and because I can't for the life of me do well on these tests, I was moved to 5th person, 3rd rank. BUT it doesn't say all that on my transcript, it just says ...5th... which is less of a distinction. I guess I shouldn't worry.</p>