<p>So here is the deal... I graduated in 2010 from a high school in Illinois; three sport athlete worked a part time job, volunteered, upheld a 2.5gpa with a 23 ACT ( Not great). After graduating I went to a local community college it was there where I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression ( I have appropriate documentation to prove so) and failed m classes because of my hospitalization. My first semester I did terrible due hospitalization, second semester I did better, not great, but better. My third semester I saw my friend die and went back into the hospital for the same reason and again my grades were affected.
Now I feel like my normal self again and I feel as if I am more mature and better equipped to handle all different situations. I want to go back to school, not a community college, i know it sounds greedy but I want to make it on my own. I have family in Colorado and I would like to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder (two cousins already go there). I have petitioned to FERPA to have my records be blocked from my CC experience. I am applying as a undergraduate freshman so my question is...</p>

<p>Do I put down on my application that I went to a post secondary institution?Or do I just solely off my high school transcripts.</p>

<p>(The application doesn't require a social security number)</p>

<p>FERPA is a law that prohibits, absent your consent, any school from revealing your school records except for identifying info such as name and address. However, you cannot use the protection of FERPA to avoid providing your CC transcript or that you attended a CC to UColorado or to any college to which you apply. When you apply to a college, it requires as part of the admission process that you provide transcripts giving courses taken and grades from any high school or college you attended. To provide that information, you must request it be sent which request constitutes your waiver of FERPA rights. The only way you can enforce your FERPA rights in that situation is not to apply to the college. Your petition relating to FERPA does not change that rule.</p>

<p>You cannot apply to Colorado as a freshman because you already have CC courses and Colorado defines you as a transfer applicant as a result. If you try to apply as a freshman and conceal your CC history, you will be committing a material misrepresentation in the application process which, if the truth is eventually learned by Colorado, would mean your application would be denied, and if already admitted the admission will be withdrawn, and even if not discovered until the day before you graduate from Colorado, Colorado could expel you and deny you a degree.</p>

<p>In other words, if you want to attend a four year college, you have to apply as a transfer student and be up front with your CC history and provide grades. When you have an explanation for poor grades, you can provide that as part of the application in an essay.</p>

<p>^ Very cogent explanation. </p>

<p>OP, if you write about your circumstances I'm sure colleges will not deny you out of hand. That being said, make sure you check the Boulder residency requirements to see if you would have to pay OOS tuition.</p>

<p>Residency</a> and Tuition Classification Regulations | Office of the Registrar | CU-Boulder</p>