few questions about dorming

<p>these might be dumb questions, but do i need to bring an iron and an ironing board with me to gtown?</p>

<p>also, do i need to bring detergent and all that stuff too? or do they have that in the laundry rooms?</p>

<p>and is the book store on campus super overpriced? i was thinking of buying all my school supplies from there once i get to gtown</p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>If you use one now, then yeah, I'd bring them with you.</p>

<p>You do need to bring detergent (or just buy at Vital Vittles or the bookstore or CVS). They made a switch to high-efficiency detergent so you'd need that special kind, too.</p>

<p>The bookstore on campus is definitely super overpriced. If you're not flying, I'd definitely buy stuff ahead of time and bring it. Really, even if you are flying, you might want to buy it and ship it.</p>

<p>madhakur92, Amazon is your friend. They have nearly ever book (including textbooks) at very fair prices, several of which are discounted from retail prices, and with their Amazon Student program, you get Amazon Prime for free. Amazon Prime gives you free two-day shipping on any product shipped from Amazon - many books are, though not all.</p>

<p>Amazon</a> Student</p>

<p>ok, so ill bring school supplies and buy the detergent on campus so i make to have the right one. thanks a bunch sdr. and flight23, thanks for the amazon info, ill make to use that</p>