Few questions, junior at a semi-target

<p>So I had a few question concerning investment banking. I am interesting in consulting, specifically working with financial services abroad (think PwC etc.)</p>

<p>I am majoring in International Business and Finance with a minor in Economics. My GPA after this semester (first semester junior year) is a 2.7 I will be able to get it up to at least a 3.2 by Fall Senior Year with a 4.0 in both majors and around a 3.7 in my minor (some of the lower level business classes and general ed requirements hurt a bit). </p>

<p>I've held an Economic Research position sophomore year, four volunteer missions abroad, 9 months at an International Development consulting firm (focused on renewable energy investment), and have been working a part time serving job to put myself through school. I know I can handle the hours-- I worked around 80 or so last summer between two jobs. Also, I will be studying abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai this summer for a business program.</p>

<p>Does anyone have advice to go on from here? I know this is vague, but I am trying to decide how to put the cards in place besides raising my GPA. I have room for a second minor, but do not think I can hold an internship senior year (maybe in the Fall during recruitment?) Thanks.</p>

<p>Sorry to be blunt, but your chances at a Bulge Bracket are very slim. You're right about Gtown being a semi-target, but combine that with a less than stellar GPA (I hope you agree with me...) and it's a hard sell. Honestly, I would gun at boutique firms and network with alumni who work in investment banks. Maybe even some regional banks. </p>

<p>I am planning at interning at a regional investment bank in upstate NY where I live. The thing is, getting a solid (BB) internship as a sophomore is really difficult to near-impossible. I just hope that this regional internship will help me get into a bulge bracket as a junior. To put it into perspective I go to NYU (looking to transfer out though...) and I'm a sophomore with a 3.85 cumulative GPA. I'm an economics major in CAS and I had to spend a lot of time cold calling, emailing, and setting up appointments for these regional banks to prospectively hire me. Finally, I found a banker who wanted me to work 50 to 60 hours a week at a regional investment bank for 10 weeks over the summer. Now, it's at a relatively no-name regional bank, but it's good experience. </p>

<p>Also you probably won't get quality answers on CC. You should go onto the Wall Street Oasis forums if you have more questions. However, you should know they'll be really direct and blunt about your chances at a BB. (but that's just the WSO "culture")</p>